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Our contemporary dietary habits, which include intake of foods that are high in sugar and highly processed foods, combined with the fact that people seldom take dental care seriously, can lead to oral health issues such as tooth infection. Sometimes some injury can also be a cause of it, and it can be so severe that it can send a person to an emergency dentist.


Causes of Tooth Infection

At first, mild pain may not seem a significant issue, but when the pain does not subside, it can mean an infection in the tooth, also called a tooth abscess, which accumulates pus due to bacterial infection. An abscess can be of different types –

•A Periapical Abscess is a result of bacteria entering a tooth’s pulp through a cavity

•A Periodontal Abscess can be a result of either gum disease or an injury that is not treated; hence it can get infected

•A Gingival Abscess happens when an external object such as food particles or other small material gets stuck in the gums and is not removed, leading to severe inflammation and infection

Getting Emergency Dental Treatment for Abscessed Tooth

When timely treatment from an emergency dentist is not provided, an abscessed tooth can turn into a sitting time bomb that can cause the infection to spread further to jaws, head, neck, and even the brain. It can become a cause of sepsis and be fatal in extreme cases.

Suppose the tooth infection is accompanied by fever, swelling in the face. In that case, there is a problem while swallowing, or irregular heart rate, then seeking an emergency dental treatment is highly crucial.

How to Prevent Tooth Infection?

Since tooth infection can bring about several issues, trying to prevent it is one of the best cures. Maintaining oral hygiene and regular visits to an emergency dentist can also be effective preventive measures. But if there is any sign of tooth abscess, then getting emergency dental care without delay is the most appropriate action.

Getting the Emergency Dental Service

In any possibility of a tooth infection, any person would think of visiting the emergency room. Still, overcrowding isn’t a safe option when we practice social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, let Emergency Dental Service help you locate an emergency dental care facility available 24/7 and in your locality. Just pick up your phone and call us on our 24/7 helpline -1-888-350-1340. Or book an online appointment with an emergency dentist right away!


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