The following guidelines provide a snapshot of posting stories on and it is by no way an exhaustive list. We reserve the rights to update this Guidelines without prior notice.

Rights and Responsibilities
It is the sole responsibility of Users to ensure that their posts are suitable for public consumption on Palinterest, that is, they are legal and decent.

User must be aged 13+ in order to be eligible to register a user account or post stuffs on Palinterest as doing otherwise is breaking the laws and our Terms of Service. You are not allowed to create a bogus or multiple user accounts under any circumstance; if found to be in breach of this condition, all identified associated user accounts would be deleted without notice.

We reserve the rights to remove any post at our discretion at anytime including a previously published story where such post is deemed to be detriment to the community and the company.  We reserve the rights to suspend, ban, or delete a User account should they be deemed to have breached their Terms of Use and or other policies as set out by Palinterest.

You are not allowed to post duplicate stories; post same story in different categories, including posting in a wrong Category.

Fair Use
Your use of this website is subject to a fair use.  Users are wholly responsible for their posts and as such shall hold Palinterest indemnified against such posts.  You are prohibited from posting anything deemed illegal, unpleasant, offensive, or otherwise on our website.

Copyright Infringement
You are not allowed to post anything or use material that infringe on the Copyrights of other people, business, or entities as doing so is illegal.  If you think your copyrights might have been infringed, please click here.

You are prohibited from posting unwarranted comments or links whether for the purpose of marketing, SEO, or similar aims. This behaviour is akin to SPAM and when identified or discovered, would likely lead to the post being removed and you risk your account being suspended or closed if you are a persistent offender.

You are not allowed to use or register a user account with a fake, temporary, or disposable email address.

Article review
We aim to review all submitted articles within 24 hrs during business days.  All articles must be written in English, must be original content and meet a very high editorial standard.  Articles must be readable, intelligible, have sufficient content, reasonable amount of links, not linking to bad sites, not a redirect coy, does not use a repeated featured images in multiple posts, is not a duplicate post, does not post the same article under different categories.  Article content (including texts, images, graphics, links, etc.) must never be offensive or breaches government’s rules and regulations.

It is unacceptable to post fake stories on this website (whether knowingly or unknowingly) in a bid to blackmail, defame, humiliate, intimidate, cause panic, incite violence, terrorise, heat the polity, undermine entities including government and government agencies, swindle people; and where this has resulted in a crime, we will cooperate with the Police to the full extent possible under the Law to ensure you are apprehended to face justice.

Language and Tone
Palinterest is predominantly an English Language website. You cannot post stuffs using graphic, obscene, violent, racist in any form which may be deemed as inappropriate, offensive, or illegal.

Forbidden Products And Services
You are forbidden from advertising tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, recreation drugs, chemicals, online pharmacies, arms, ammunition, get rich quick scheme, MLM scheme, money ritual, and other illegal items, substances, goods, and services.

We reserve the rights to update this Guide at anytime without prior notice.