Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Please take time to check our FAQs first and if you still couldn’t find answers to your query, no fret.  All you need to do is email us and we would endeavour to reply to your query as soon as possible.

What is Palinterest?
Palinterest is a content sharing social networking site where you can share articles, photos, videos, music, diy tips, and everything else you care about inasmuch it is legal.
Who is a Member?
Any duly registered User within the Palinterest community is referred to as a Member.
Is Palinterest free to use?
Palinterest is free.
How do I use Palinterest?
From the Home page, you can use Palinterest to post articles, news updates, photos, videos, music, etc.  You can share these with external online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.  You can search for Members and follow them.  From your Profile page, you can update your profile information, post status updates, upload photos, videos, music, etc.  You can send and receive private messages from your followers.  You can set privacy control.  You can keep tab of all your postings, edit them, or even delete them.  Just about whatever you wish to do. 
Can I invite other people to join Palinterest?
Of course yes.  We would be more than happy to see you inviting others to join this public community.
Can I create more than one user account?
No, you are only allowed to create a user account.
Can I use my Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to log in to Palinterest?
Does it come with a pretty easy to use User Profile?
Yes.  Palinterest has a beautiful GUI which is simple to use.
Does Palinterest have T&Cs?
Yes.  Please see Terms of Service
Do you have Privacy Policy?
Yes.  Please see Privacy Policy
How easy is Palinterest to use?
Very easy.
Does Palinterest have a Search functionality?
Can I send private messages to my followers?
Yes, you can send and read private messages.
How do I log out from my Account?
From you Profile page, simply click the wheel icon, then click Logout.
Alternatively, click ACCOUNT and then click LOG OUT from the drop menu.
How does Palinterest Notifications work?
Palinterest has a real-time Web Notifications to alert you of any activities on your account. You can access this feature by clicking the Bell icon on the bottom right of your screen.  It also has Email Notifications and you can set your preference in your account.
Is there anything else we can help you with?
Then please contact us.