How to Avoid Accidents During Winter

Winter weather brings fog which reduces visibility on the road. Heavy winters bring snowfall and make the roads icy making driving conditions difficult. According to reports, more than a hundred thousand car accidents happen killing many precious lives or to leave them injured. The facts and figures seem terrifying hence one should be careful while driving on the roads in winters.

The best practice to adopt while driving in winters is to drive defensively. Especially when there is a snowfall or fog, one should take extra care while on the roads. This guide talks about some driving tips that may help you avoid an accident during winter.

1. Prepare Your Car

Before entering the winter season. Make sure your vehicle is ready to face the winter roads. It is important to get winter tires for your car. This would let you have a firm grip on the roads and have better handling. Winter tires are also good for quick braking.

Apart from the tires you also need to check other parts of the car. Make sure that your car battery has enough power to give you a smooth winter season. Check your engine oil. It should no be thick. If the oil change date is near get it replaced.

Add anti-freeze to your car so that the cooling system works efficiently. Check your windscreen wipers. If the rubber seems worn out, replace that since wipers are going to help you clear the screen on the roads.

2. Check Weather and Road Conditions

Before going out on the roads, do check the road and weather conditions. Make sure to follow your local authorities’ guidelines. Plan your route accordingly and always choose clearer roads. Avoid driving if possible when conditions are worse. Be very careful over the bridges and flyovers and do no take steep and high-speed turns when the road is slippery.

3. How to Avoid a Spin

If the road is slippery, chances are that your car might skid or take a spin. If you lose vehicle control due to a spin, chances are that you might hit something on the road. The brakes of your car only provide a little help in such situations.

The best thing to control a spin is to steer your vehicle in the direction of the spin. Pressing the brake hard would not help. Rather than panicking on the road, stop accelerating your car and move the steering in the direction of the spin. For example, if your car spins to the left, steer in the left and you might gain control.

4. How to Avoid Rear-End Crash

During the winter season, driving at a fast speed can put you in trouble. On slick roads, if you press the brake hard, chances are that your car might skid or slip and hit the vehicle in the front. Braking fast only helps when the road ahead is clear and non-slippery. During winters, you must keep a distance of at least 2 or 3 cars between you and the car in front of you. This would allow you enough time to brake and stop the car in an emergency.

Always drive slowly and maintain a speed of not more than 10 – 20 mph in extreme weather conditions. Traffic accident claims company will also put you at fault if you hit a car from the back. So, it is better to keep a safe distance and drive safely.


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