6 Weighty Reasons to Quit Smoking

We are all aware that smoking is harmful to our health. Despite this, because they have been smoking for so long, some elderly adults don’t see the benefit in stopping. It is, however, never too late to quit smoking and enhance your quality of life.

It is essential to understand that smoking increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, emphysema, gum disease, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and other conditions. You should also know that smoking is the leading avoidable cause of death in the United States and worldwide. Here is a list of six weighty reasons to quit smoking right now.

1. Avoid premature aging

Smoking is one of the most common and important causes of accelerated aging of the face. Tobacco use causes metabolic changes in the body that accelerate the aging process. Smoking, for example, deprives live skin tissue of oxygen by constricting blood vessels. As a result, blood cannot easily reach your organs, including the skin.

Tar discoloration on the hands and skin from holding cigarettes is another typical smoker giveaway. Burning cigarette smoke is most visible around the face, and I believe that what we occasionally see is skin coloring from the tars and other lethal poisons in tobacco smoke. The muscle motions required to smoke cause the distinctive smoker’s mouth wrinkles.

2. Decrease your risk of impotence

Research that connected smoking to a man’s ability to obtain an erection advises that men who are concerned about their performance in the bedroom should cease smoking. Overall, 15% of former and current smokers reported erectile dysfunction, often known as impotence. 

3. Improve your fitness

Smoking reduces your ability to exercise. It makes you out of breath more quickly and easily, making any physical activity much more difficult. Some smokers become short of breath just walking up the stairs. Moreover, people who smoke are more prone to back pain.

Your lung capacity will rise by up to 10% within 10 months of quitting. This will significantly influence you, allowing you to stroll to the store or gym for a workout. As a result, you will be more active and healthier. This is critical in the battle against common diseases including arthritis and diabetes.

4. Save money

The price of a pack of cigarettes differs based on where you live, but the savings from quitting may easily mount up. Cigarette costs in New York City and London are among the highest in the world. The average price of cigarettes in America is $5.51, based on cigarette prices across the country. Many states have pack prices ranging from $6 to $8.

5. Decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

According to a survey of 9,200 men and women over the age of 65, smokers have up to five times the rate of mental deterioration as nonsmokers. When they first started the research, participants performed standardized tests to detect mental deterioration, and then again two years later.

Men and women had higher rates of mental deterioration, as did people with or without a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Tobacco use most certainly initiates a vicious cycle of arterial damage, clotting, and increased stroke risk, resulting in mental issues.

6. Improve your social life and self-confidence

All of the reasons listed above for quitting smoking will improve your social life. You will feel more confident among friends, coworkers, and family since you will feel better about your look and smell.

When you’re with friends at their house, a restaurant, or any other enclosed public location, you won’t have to “slip outdoors for a smoke.” You’ll be able to attend more social gatherings since you’ll have more money.


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Written by Amelia Grant

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