6 Signs You Should Get a New Retainer

Did you know that having crooked teeth increases your risk of developing dental decay and oral infections? While many people start the process of straightening their teeth, they sometimes overlook the subsequent phases, like replacing retainers and maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Your teeth will go back to their pre-braces or pre-Invisalign positions if you stop wearing a retainer. It’s crucial to remember that retainers do not last forever. They must be replaced on a regular basis since they will eventually break down.

Read on for the most common signs you need to consider replacing your retainer.

1. Your retainer has cracks 

Retainers come in a few distinct types. Some are constructed of plastic, others from wire, and some from a mix of the two. It’s time to get a replacement if you inspect your retainer and find the construction has cracks. The retainer won’t have the strength necessary to keep your teeth in their current positions when these cracks spread.

2. Your retainer feels loose 

If your retainer feels loose, it may also indicate that it needs to be replaced. Retainers will deteriorate over time and get wider and more uncomfortable. When this occurs, your retainer will stop holding your teeth in position. It’s crucial to have a replacement since your teeth will then start gradually moving back to their original positions.

3. Your retainer got deformed 

Retainers frequently lose their form, which is another issue. This is particularly typical if you clean them in the dishwasher or use other methods involving extremely hot water. Consult your orthodontist if you believe that your retainer has lost its form and no longer fits comfortably.

It’s important to note that if you don’t wear your retainer for a lengthy period, your teeth are more likely to start hurting when you put it back on. This just means that you should wear your retainer more regularly, not that it is malfunctioning.

It’s crucial not to stop wearing your retainer, no matter if you’ve already been wearing them for a year or two. Some people forget to wear their retainer and go back to wearing braces as a result. 

4. Your retainer has calcium accumulation 

Last but not least, you will eventually start to see calcium accumulation on your retainer. This is still possible, even with the utmost care. It’s time to get a new dental retainer if there is so much calcium accumulation that you no longer want to wear it.

5. Your retainer smells bad 

Do you have bad breath every time you wake up? Do you find it unpleasant to wear your retainer because it smells so bad? This could be brought on by plaque and bacterial accumulation on your retainer. Without frequent, adequate dental hygiene, plaque, and bacteria will build up, harden, degrade, and produce foul-smelling particles. It is better to change your foul-smelling retainer if you wish to keep your smile healthy and fresh.

6. You’ve lost your retainer 

Retainers are lost far more frequently than most people realize, and while it is inconvenient, it is a reality of life. Retainers are critical for maintaining the results of your treatment. Hence, it’s vital that you don’t put off finding a replacement for too long in this case.

The bottom line 

Wearing your retainer is an essential step in achieving a healthy and flawless smile. With the help of retainers, your teeth can remain in their ideal alignment decades after your orthodontic treatment.

There is no justification for allowing a deformed or damaged retainer to prevent you from getting that ideal smile. Simply purchase a replacement instead. It’s easy, cheap, and straightforward. Contact your dental specialist to find out how to begin the process of replacing your retainers. 


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