Dental Implants in Orthodontic Treatment

We are used to the thought that dental implants are necessary only to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the best option for teeth restoration but sometimes they can also be necessary for purely orthodontic needs. There are special orthodontic implants that aren’t used for the replacement of teeth.

Usually, the best option to fix various cases of malocclusion and uneven bite is dental braces. However, sometimes the abnormality can be too difficult to treat with braces alone. Braces may need additional support. This support is provided with the help of special mini-implants that are installed into the gum just for this purpose.

Do Such Implants Need to Fuse?

Orthodontic mini-implants provide the safety of braces and help distribute the strain over teeth rows that is changing with the occlusion during orthodontic treatment. But you need them only when you are in the process of treatment. What happens to them when it’s over?

During orthodontic treatment, your jawbone’s qualities change. Teeth are in the process of movement, so the jawbone becomes soft and movable. These qualities don’t let the implants fuse, this is why they are easily removed when they are not needed anymore. Usually, it takes from 4 to 6 months for orthodontic implants to complete their mission.

Mini implants are made from titanium which has good compatibility with the human body. This is why the chances of their failure are minimal. They are installed near the back teeth so no one will notice them when you smile or talk.

Who May Need Mini Implants During Orthodontic Treatment?

Mini implants can be useful in the following cases:

  • Orthodontic treatment in children and teenagers
  • Extra strain over teeth in dental braces
  • Open bite, when teeth rows don’t touch each other as the mouth is closed
  • Any case of teeth displacement

How Do Mini Implants Installed?

Mini teeth implants are installed not like usual implants are. They don’t need to fuse or to replace missing teeth, so the procedure takes less time. The top part of the implant is used for attachment of dental braces, so it should protrude from your gum. There are several stages of mini implants’ installation that happen one at a time.  

  • Carrying out anesthesia
  • Antiseptic preparation
  • Installation of implants

Why Mini Implants Are Helpful In Orthodontic Treatment?

Mini implants are helpful in many ways when you wear dental braces. This is how orthodontic implants improve your treatment. 

  • They save you time because orthodontic treatment is faster with them
  • They distribute the strain so that your teeth suffer less and decrease the risk of having shaky teeth in the end
  • They help you avoid surgery or more complicated methods of treatment
  • They can help you achieve better results in the process of treatment

Do Mini Implants Need Special Care?

Your dental braces do need special efforts to maintain proper oral hygiene. But you should take care of your mini implants just the way you do with other teeth. Keep them clean, avoid food that wasn’t recommended by your orthodontist and come to your doctor for regular checkups. Clean your teeth and braces after each meal including the implants.


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