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Supply chain logistics has completely transformed from what it used to be in the past. Modern-day businesses have started paying special attention to holistic view of supply chain. But there are still many companies that are not aware of the great significance of a very crucial component of logistics strategy, which is the transportation of their freight. In absence of an unambiguous transportation plan, your internet search with phrase like “best trucking companies near me” would not suffice.

In today’s business space, competition has increased manifold and so has other challenges which together make it intimidating to a true sense. In such scenario, role of right freight forwarder is extremely critical in creating value and reducing cost. Whether a business needs to transit its cargo via road, or air or water, it can all be handled with minimum hassles and expertise. Reason being, the freight forwarding company takes care of the safety of shipment of a business.

Advantages Of Hiring Professional Freight Forwarders

Some businesses decide compromising with the qualification of transporting companies. With this, they themselves cut down on the chance of driving better income and risk their shipment by handing over charge to less competent transportation partners.

On the contrary, businesses that opt for professional freight forwarding company successfully fill in the significant gap in their chain of logistics. How proficient freight forwarders do it is explained below:

They hold the right accreditations

Qualification of a freight forwarding company to handle shipping of a consignment is best judged by the certificates they hold. Reputed freight forwarding companies are well acquainted with ISO 9001 certification standards. Also, they do not leave any stone unturned to maintain the best risk management.

Besides ISO 9001, ideal choice of trucking business for any company should be the company that has got Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification. This is a mandate for establishing their legitimacy to facilitate overseas trade.

Furthermore, organizations that are into transport of dangerous goods should be determined to deploy only those freight forwarders that possess a dangerous goods certificate. When the businesses comply with this, they remain safe against fines and penalties for improper handling.

Additionally, some forwarders also hold different cargo security certifications catering to the requirements of Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Administration and other government agencies.

To handle the complexity and complications that come in the way of shipping goods, it is essentially important to look for the certification a forwarder has got hold of.

They can handle overseas assignments

Considering the span of businesses and buyers, it is important to strengthen their foundation in the global market. A global business that associates with freight forwarders that can operate globally can focus better on the business core areas.

Regulations and compliance procedures vary from one geographic location (like country, continent, etc.) to others. Forwarders are an incredibly important constituent of the global supply chain. They streamline the whole process to add value and reduce the cost involved. They have a stronghold of the global market as their agents and vendor networks are well spread across different parts of the world.

They not only maintain standards for each company but also take necessary steps to skip any sort of compliance violations and communications gaps, regardless of the language or cultural barriers.

Global freight forwarding agents are since well-versed with custom’s regulations for unique geographies, they avoid the creation of any gap in logistics communications. With an insurance policy in place, there is no room left for delays in the transit of cargo and additional expense.

They implement the latest technology

Technological advancements in supply chain land can render the older practices and techniques of logistics completely obsolete. Modern-day freight forwarding agents are familiar with and adhere to the right tracking technology.

With the important systems in action, they provide their customers access to real-time data about their consignments including the location. And, they also configure the delays so that the parties involved can be better prepared.

Progressive and reputed forwarders have initiated the employment of automation in their services. They are not leaving behind to embrace artificial intelligence to keep track of aspects like weather and other disruptions which may contribute to re-route a shipment. In yesteryears, it was not possible to have these many of minute details and the customers were ultimately exposed to loss.

They prioritize customer service

Attention and alertness are two important key factors of effective logistics communication and supply chain management. Professional freight forwarders pay special heed towards agility with the help of strong network and liaison so that they can quickly respond to the dynamic needs of their work.

It is true that automation has emerged strong in the recent few years but it can still not completely replace the customer service experience proffered by the trained, experienced customer service executives. It so happens because such stressful situations can only be handled by a personalized approach and knowledgeable service.


Minimizing delays, reducing costs and expediting shipments are all possible when an organization finds out the best of freight forwarding companies.


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