5 Products That Help Keep Your Teeth Clean

Our oral hygiene should be a subject of special attention. Now we know a lot about oral health and understand that most of the dental diseases develop due to poor hygiene. And it’s not only a matter of maintaining proper oral hygiene but also of the food we eat.

Before humanity invented electric toothbrushes, flosses, and other hygiene products that have become a part of our daily routine, they had to keep their teeth clean with the help of what was available. Besides such self-made device as miswak, certain products were known to be natural teeth cleansers.

The ability of these products to remove dental plaque and food leftovers can come in handy even now when we have advanced hygienic devices for this purpose. But sometimes you may not have them around. These products will help you naturally clean your teeth.

Natural Teeth Cleaners

Why would we need to clean our teeth more than two times a day? You know that our mouth is home to various bacteria that ruin our teeth. Every time we eat, we feed them as well. The more they eat, the more they multiply, and the more they attack our teeth and gums. This is why we shouldn’t leave them any food leftovers, and the following products can help us with that.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, they say. No, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t visit your family dentist, but this fruit is very good for your oral and general health. Apples contain fiber that helps clean out the food leftovers from your teeth and also provide a natural workout for our gums from chewing. However, rinsing our mouth after eating them will be a good idea due to the significant amount of sugar they contain.

Greens and salad

Green leafy vegetables are the best snacks – they are full of vitamins, low in calories and refreshing. Moreover, they help us keep our teeth clean and support them with calcium that is much easier to digest than calcium found in dairy products.


They are crispy and hard, so they’re good for your gums’ blood supply. They also need a lot of saliva to be processed properly, and an increase in salivation is good for your health too. Saliva washes bacteria and food leftovers away and also helps maintain proper pH balance in your oral cavity. 


If you are lactose tolerant, cheese a good and tasty option to keep your mouth clean. However, you shouldn’t forget that cheese is high in calories, so one little slice will be enough to remove the bacteria and give your body some calcium for stronger bones.


There are many different opinions regarding the benefits of nuts to your oral health. They are hard and can get into your cavities or in between your teeth. However, this problem can be solved by flossing. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of multiple nutrients, healthy fats, and acids that nuts are rich in.

These healthy snacks will not only improve your oral hygiene but also will be good for your general health. We are what we eat – your body deserves being filled with good and healthy food.


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