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Instructions About Categories of UK Immigration Visas

Visa is known as authorizing document that will allow the worldwide citizens to get confirmed rights to stay and enter a country. There are different types of UK visas for which you can apply based on your needs and purpose of visiting the country. To get the Visa you have to submit your case in the embassy in your country and after a long process and verification they will decide whether they have to grant you a Visa or not. There are lots of different purposes due to which people want to get the UK visa, here we are explaining some reasons:

  • Want to get the work visa or business visa
  • Some want to have a study visa
  • Some people want to have a visa for short stay or for tourism purpose
  • While some people want a UK visa to join their family members who already are in UK
  • Some people want to travel through UK to another country
  • Other than that some people want to have a permanent residency

To make the process easy for yourself, you can hire the immigration lawyer in Nottingham to get the UK visa and you should know that there are several different types of UK visas for which you can apply;

  1. Entry Clearance:

    this type of Visa is granted when the candidate is present outside of the UK and now he want to enter the UK.

  2. Short Term Study:

    basically this type of visa is suitable for people who want to study for almost 6 months, so it should be applied by people who are on some distance learning course whose duration is almost 6 months

  3. Leave to Enter:

    this type of visa is granted when the candidate don’t need to get qualified for entry clearance instead he has to get the visa to get entered from the borders of UK.

  4. Tier 4 Student Visa:

    if you are student and wants to study full time on a full degree program, it could be International Foundation year or just a simple pre-sessional English program after getting admission you can apply for study visa.

  5. Leave to Remain:

    another type of visa that is required when is given when the candidate already has a visa and now he is applying to extend it or else if he decided to switch to another category of the visa.

Methods to follow upon arrival at the Immigration Area of agency:

  • When you will enter the immigration office there you have will see different directions and areas that will be specified to different procedures. There will be a separate line for people who are nationals of host country or people who will have the passport, there will be separate line for citizens for the region like EU, ECOWAS etc., and other people who are non-immigrant or simply a visitor.
  • When you will be going through process of getting immigration in a country that is not your host-country, then you should prefer to stand in the line of non-immigrant.


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