Can You Tile a Painted Wall?

Tiling a wall is important in many ways. Especially if it is a bathroom wall or living room. In some ways it makes a wall beautiful and graceful. You have to consider the tile size and perfect tile type for walls so that it will look decent and enhance their look. Let’s discuss this in detail below.

1. Tiling

Tiling over painted or unpainted wall can be difficult if not handled properly, because if you have already painted it before, it can increase its thickness, so make sure that your wall can handle the weight. You ought to not tile over backdrop, reflexive surfaces or lead paint. It depends over paint type too because if your wall paint is too slippery to handle a tile you cannot tile it. Maybe you have to scratch out paint before tiling it also.

Similarly, that you have got lead paint, there are tests which are accessible. In case if paint test is positive, as professional person for help. If not remove properly, its particles can spread poison in your home which is involved in it. To start it, remove all decorations from surroundings, hardware and outlet covers, whatever is joined to wall you are going to tile. You should secure surrounding area and furniture with drop cloths, and plastic sheets to avoid getting them dirty.

2. Type of paint wall

It is conceivable notion to install porcelain tile to a painted surface as this type of tile looks good in bathroom walls and on living room walls, but it isn’t suggested by the experts as tile connection is restricted to the quality of the paint on the wall. Because paint can come free and with it tile too. You should either scrape or scratch the paint and the concrete by completely cleaning it. Water can promptly assimilate within the concrete as a sign that it is appropriate for holding the tile with it.

If you go for the option of tiling the painted wall, at that point you should decide what sort of paint it is. A paint which is epoxy-based requires an epoxy cement for bonding it. A latex based cement should be utilized over the latex paint. Always utilize epoxy and other items that can be utilized for holding tile to painted wall. The surface needs to be cleaned adequately to guarantee a satisfactory bond, because if paint isn’t well connected at that point then the cement shrivels, it will easily drag the paint free.

3. Layout

If you are heading for a Victorian layout then best victorian tiles in UK are best in this case as layout is perfect way of tiling the wall. Discover the ‘middle’ of the region to be tiled and start your work from that point. This guarantees way better consistency. If you start tiling without layout then there will be no neatness and there will be cement lines peeking in between. You may require to cut some tiles to level it in this case.


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