Where can I find ideas for my thesis topic?

Where can I find ideas for my thesis topic?

  • Proposing a thesis topic on your own is a challenge. There are several places to look for thesis ideas:
  • Study the most recent published work in the field to find perspectives and issues that can be the subject thesis.
  • Examine examples of various work done by other scientists;
  • Read the topics and questions discussed in recent scientific conferences regarding your topic of interest, see what is relevant today;
  • Search online for the hottest questions and fascinating ideas on dissertation topics.

Management and business issues

The Management and Business thesis topics deal with the fluctuating state of modern technology and research being conducted in the respected field. Writing a dissertation on this topic is a great investment in your future if you want to get involved in business management. Not only does it have the opportunity to make an impact in the field, but it also becomes a source of future development.

Some aspects of this field of knowledge may require assistance in writing a thesis, as it is a complex project.

Accounting thesis themes

1. How an effective audit influences the revenues of large companies

2. How Income Tax Affects Small Businesses

3. Tax legislation on the self-employed market

4. Ethical accounting in the arms production industry

5. Influence of risk-based accounting on the rapid development of a business

6. How accountancy training for business leaders influences their success

7. Cash flow analysis to predict business success

8. Contemporary methods of financial accounting

9. The most efficient contemporary fixed asset practices

10. Internal audit and external audit: a comparative study

Thesis topics in management

1. Can mentoring influence career success?

2. Human resources policies and their influence on employee job satisfaction

3. Business management against the risk of discrimination

4. The impact of large companies on ethical values

5. In-depth study on the management of family businesses

6. Effect of reward systems on employee performance

7. Business models in the tourism industry

8. Customer relationship management in the financial sector

9. The modern workplace and stereotypical gender roles

10. Unconventional Human Resource Management Strategies for Employee Happiness and Performance

Business thesis themes

1. Research on fluctuations in real estate prices depending on a city

2. Real estate market trends and their reasons

3. Environmentally friendly real estate programs

4. The 2008 economic crisis as a management failure

5. Contemporary models of business leadership

6. How globalization affects business leadership

7. Business challenges for international companies

8. How gender equality influences business management

9. Main strategies that attract foreign investment

10. Ethical management and corporate sustainability

Public administration research topics

1. Participation of the public administration in the rights of the homeless

2. How young people influence the development of the political system

3. Immigration policies and their impact on the economy and the population

4. Social networks and citizen participation in public administration

5. Human rights violations and resolutions at government level

6. The influence of mega-corporations in public administration

7. The importance of equitable representation of gender and race in public administration

8. Corruption practices, their influence and prevention methods in public administration

9. Can a social movement bring about changes in public administration? The case of March for our lives

10. The importance of public relations and modern methods of production

Marketing thesis themes

1. Effective Marketing in the Small Business Industry

2. Social networks require new marketing strategies

3. Discovering Ethics in Marketing: Where’s the Line of No Return?

4. Do loyalty programs work in retail?

5. Does advertising influence teen smoking?

6. Details of Instagram marketing and ad placement

7. How packaging influences sales in the cosmetics industry

8. The differences between traditional and digital marketing, the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems

9. Is a comedy-based advertising strategy more effective?

10. Inclusiveness in advertising

Use these tips and ideas to formulate your own unique research subject whether it is one of the education dissertations topics or physics research topics. The subject should be exciting for you and have scientific relevance. It is also important to consider whether it is possible for you in terms of conditions and measurements to explore it.


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