4 Life-changing Benefits of Dental Implants

To preserve both your overall health and the health of your remaining teeth, it’s important to replace the missing ones. After you lose one or more of your teeth, your mouth’s functionality decreases, and you risk experiencing various problems. 

Gapped teeth not only make you more self-conscious but also put your mouth at risk of rapid deterioration. Installing dental implants is a great way to revitalize your smile, improve your self-confidence, and enhance your quality of life. For over several decades, dental implants have been used to replace missing teeth and they’re now the state-of-the-art treatment for restoring normal function in a quickly deteriorating mouth. 

Keep on reading to discover the five amazing benefits of getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth.  

1. Improve appearance

The main advantage of this type of treatment is that it helps preserve your jawbone, stops the degradation of facial structure, and provides a beautiful smile. When a large portion of your real teeth is damaged or missing, your jawbone loses the stimulation it needs to grow, resulting in bone deterioration. This can significantly change your facial structure: your lips will fall inwards, the lower jaw will weaken and shrink, and wrinkles will develop around your mouth, making you look older than your actual age. Dental implants substitute the roots of your missing teeth and help provide your jawbone with enough stimulation, preventing your risk of facial collapse and wrinkles. 

Even if you’re missing a single tooth, long-term appearance is typically better with an implant-supported artificial tooth than with a conservative tooth-supported bridge. This is especially important in your front teeth, where repairing a visible imperfection is necessary for a natural look.  

2. Fast results

In most cases, missing teeth can be replaced with implants in just one procedure. Your dental surgeon will provide you with a permanent solution for a smile compromised by tooth loss, helping improve your chewing ability, tooth stability, and general comfort. Remember that every patient is different, and your specific problem should be assessed at an in-person consultation. This is necessary to determine a more accurate time frame of your treatment and check if you have any issues that should be addressed before the procedure.  

3. Preserve natural teeth

Other restorative dentistry options like dental bridges typically require a specialist to shave down healthy teeth that are adjacent to the missing one so that the bridge can be anchored in place. Remember that removed dental enamel cannot be restored, which leaves affected teeth susceptible to bacteria and decay. Partial dentures have metal clasps that connect to your real teeth. This creates lots of pressure, as they typically shift during daily activities like chewing and talking. These clasps also stimulate gum recession, leading to even more damage. Dental implants don’t require any of your real teeth to be shaved or otherwise adjusted, helping save the natural look of your smile. 

4. Improve the overall quality of life

Dental implants are the best natural-looking solution to restore the normal function of your mouth, helping you feel more confident when smiling, talking, and eating. If you’re wearing dentures, consider replacing them with an implant-supported tooth. This will eliminate all food restrictions and will allow you to smile and speak without any discomfort, ultimately enhancing your quality of life. 

Other ways dental implants can make your life more comfortable include:

– Eliminating sticky adhesives used to stabilize dentures

– Eliminating hideous and harmful metal clasps that come with partial dentures

– Drastically improving your eating habits

– Eliminating the need to remove bridges or dentures ever again

The bottom line

If you have missing teeth and wear dentures to replace them, think about getting dental implants instead. These titanium alloy posts can be topped with top-quality dental crowns, allowing you to restore the natural function and appearance of your teeth.  


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