Is It Ok To Eat Dessert Before Bed?

What is the perfect end to a meal? Probably a Dessert. Most of us crave something sweet after a meal. Honestly, I have a sweet tooth and I mostly end up searching for the best dessert takeaway near me But, the bitter truth is that this is not completely a healthy habit.

The science tells that after a heavy meal there is a large burst of insulin. It leads to a rapid decrease in the sugar level, therefore, it increases the desire for sweetness. If truth to be told, something sweet gives the satisfaction of having a complete meal!! But we also hear that eating sweet before going to the bed is harmful to health. Let’s see to what extent this claim holds significance.


Eating anything before going to the bed is not generally unhealthy. But having a heavy meal or sugars before bed is for sure something to worry about. And something like a Dessert, that constitutes unhealthy fats and sugar is extremely bad for the health. These enhance your body’s calorie needs and therefore leave you craving at frequent intervals. This habit will ultimately make you gain weight and become obese.


Eating a desert rapidly makes you fell out of energy. You will feel sleepy and drained immediately. Have you ever wondered why you feel like going to the bed after the so-called ‘perfect meal’? truly, because of the desert. If you immediately go to bed after your meal you decrease the chances of burning the calories. This leads to weight gain and trouble sleeping. The Orexin cells slow down their work, which is responsible for keeping you awake.

The incited craving will make you habitual of eating something sugar at the end of the day. The research says that this makes you lethargic throughout your day.


There is a greater chance of Acid reflux if you eat something in high fats. The heartburn that you experience is majorly due to the deserts that you eat before bed. The acid reflux is very hazardous for the esophagus, which can further lead to esophageal cancer.


Some deserts totally upset the stomachs. Desserts like ice cream can cause severe pain in the stomach if eaten before bed. This will upset your stomach and probably halt your sleep. With a stomach ache, you will lose your sleep and increase the stress.


Eating a dessert before bed can make your sleep complicated. Poor sleep, therefore, leads to a decrease in your memory and cognition, increases depression and anxiety, increases the chance of heart diseases and diabetes. It affects skin health and metabolism. To put sleep at stake for some moments of taste is quite questionable.

Now is the Time to Change Your Habit!

Replace high-fat desserts or sweet snacks with low-fat ones. This will probably lower the risk of many health issues. Eat some dry fruits, low-fat yogurt, or warm milk with honey.

What affects your health is not simply what you eat but also how much of that do you eat. What you eat should never be in bulk. 


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