5 Warning Signs Your Tooth Pain Indicates A Serious Dental Problem

All people experience tooth pain at least once during life. Dental problems cause discomfort and pain that affect your mood and mental state. Severe dental alignments can decrease the quality of your life and put tolls on your well-being. Some symptoms of dental problems can be overlooked by patients and therefore missed by dentists. In this case, occasional tooth pain related to sensitivity can become chronic as you get older. 

Keep reading if you want to learn which dental problems require an immediate visit to your dentist. By ignoring them you run the risk of facing serious dental and overall health consequences. 

1. Your jaw is swollen 

If you have recently had dental surgery, your jaw may swell while healing. If your jaw or neck becomes swollen without a clear reason, it can be a sign of tooth abscess. Along with swelling, tooth abscess may cause severe tooth pain and buildup of pus. An abscess can spread over your jaw and neck causing neck swelling. The infection can also spread to surrounding bones and even in your ears or brain.

If you suspect you have a tooth abscess you need to get an emergency dental help immediately. An abscess never goes away on its own. An untreated tooth abscess can be dangerous to your life. 

2. Your jaw is clicking

If your jaw constantly clicks when you open your mouth, it can be a symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder. This alignment develops when you clench or grind your teeth frequently. TMJ disorder can also be a result of jaw joint arthritis. Other symptoms of TMJ disorder include pain around the ears, facial pain, and difficulty chewing. This condition can cause damage to the connective tissues around the jaw. 

If your jaw is clicking or causing pain, make an appointment with a dental specialist. The doctor can create a strategy to treat or relieve the symptoms of TMJ.

3. Your gum is inflamed

Inflammation is a response of your body to the negative effect of bacteria and infection. Inflamed gums are a clear sign of a gum disease. If your gums are swollen, the disease is most likely severe. In this case, home remedies and proper dental hygiene won’t help. Chronic gum disease increases your risk of severe oral bone loss. 

It is important to schedule an appointment with a dentist if you have inflamed or swollen gums. It will help you prevent serious health consequences that have periodontal disease. 

4. Your tooth is chipped

All teeth in your mouth are susceptible to chipping, but the lower second molar is the most frequent chipped tooth. This tooth takes the most pressure when you chew or bite down and it can easily be damaged. The symptoms of a chipped tooth include extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods and chronic toothache. Tooth damage exposes the pulp and nerve of the tooth, making it vulnerable to external irritants. 

It is important to visit a dentist if you suspect your tooth is chipped. An untreated chipped tooth is more vulnerable to bacteria and infection. 

5. You feel persistent dull pain

Annoying dull toothache can be a symptom of serious dental problems. If pain is located in one area and is accompanied by swelling and inflammation, it can indicate that something got stuck in your gum. Flossing can help you eliminate the foreign object. If the pain affects your entire mouth, it can be a symptom of bruxism. Bruxism is a serious issue that can contribute to chipped teeth or the onset of TMJ.

You need to visit your dentist and describe all accompanying the symptoms. The doctor can find the cause of the pain and provide you with the right treatment.

Different types of tooth pain and symptoms associated with this pain can indicate that you’re developing one of several serious health conditions. If you have one of these symptoms, visit your dentist to decrease the risk of further disease development. It is an effective way to ensure your dental health. 


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