Why India Media Covers Funny Stories?

Funny stories are the backbones for entertainment in the news industry. With an easy reach of the internet in India, it has become quite simple to create funny news. Simply by sharing a video from one person to another, the news spreads faster than a jungle fire. You won’t even realise but it might be possible that the news you shared is already going viral. Various big news channels will start covering these hilarious stories and not so important pieces of information.

The trend of reading true funny stories is getting popular in Indian culture and that’s why sometimes media channels start covering news that is certainly not that important. Even in trending news section, you can easily spot several funny news to read. The reason behind this is the youth of India, who are looking for entertainment in every aspect of life.

To give you more understanding on the topic of funny stories, here are some of the top funny stories that you should know about.

Story 1

Caught on video, motorman stopped the train near Vasai station to take a leak is going viral as funny stories.

Usually, when a train stops between two stations, it is because of the waiting signal that the train driver is receiving from the control room. Though you might not think the same after watching this viral videos. As on Saturday morning, i.e. 10th November, the train driver stopped the train in the middle of two stations before reaching Mumbai and the reason was – to take a leak.

The news became viral when the incident was captured on the camera. The train was stopped between the Nalasopara and Vasai. Officials are responding by saying that the main cause of halt is some technical problem in the brake pipes. Though, it is quite visible from the video that the brakes were immediately removed when the assistant train drivers got inside after relieving himself.

Story 2

Another news is a bizarre one, covering the story of Isha Ambani’s wedding card that worth three lakhs. Yeah, Three lakhs. Now there are people who might not ever see this much money at once and then there are our billionaires who are sending wedding cards that are worth three lakh. After the hype of Priyanka Chopra’s wedding with Nick Johans and Deepika marrying Ranveer, this is the latest news covering the wedding stories of a famous person.

But hold on, are you still wondering about the same things as I did when I read the news? Well, let me break it to you.

The card itself comes inside a golden embroidery, that plays Gayatri mantra when opened up.  The box looks very attractive and contains the wedding card along with the itinerary of the wedding functions. Other than this there are four separate boxes included inside the box which appears to be made of gold itself.

No one is achieving anything from this news, but we still enjoy them. The reason behind them is maybe they act like an antidote that cure the sadness that is caused by the other depressing stories that media covers. Every day someone gets robbed, someone gets murdered, raped, etc. These type of stories can make everyone depressed and maybe that’s why all the news channels try to lighten up the mood of their users.

And I must say, they are doing one hell of a job.


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Written by Poonam Mehra

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