Train passes over a one year old girl, but she came out alive

In the latest trending news, captured in the video a one-year-old girl falls on the rail track as the train passes by and miraculously survived the fall.

In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, a one-year-old kid slipped through her mother’s arm and fell on the railway tracks while the train was passing. The kid survived the fall and came out without any bruise on her body.

What actually happened?

When the train (Samta Express) bound to reach Vishakhapatnam via Agra, reached Mathura junction, where people were rushing to de-board. When the parents of this little girl tried to attempt to get off the train at Mathura junction, the kid slips out of her mother’s hand to the train track.

The train was not stationary at that time and soon picked up its pace without any hint of this little kid. Everyone waited in great suspense and with their heart pounding. It was a pretty terrifying moment for the parents and the other people who were present at the station.

As the 4 coaches of the train start to move everyone hoped for the kid to be safe. Though they know odds are quite low. Captured in the video, we can see that the kid was just inches away from the giant wheels of the train. Luckily, the train passed over her and she came out alive without any bruise on her body.

Every media channel is covering this viral news showing a miraculous escape.

As soon as the train passed by, a young fell jumped on the tracks to see if the baby is okay. Everyone was surprised and happy at the same time after finding out that the baby come-out alive without getting any injury.

What her parents have to say on this?

After talking to her parents we got to know the name of the little girl. Her parents call her Sahiba. When asking her father, Sonu, how this all happened, he said “I was getting out from the train along with my wife and my one-year-old kid, suddenly train started to move. It was crowded inside the train and as my wife tried to get off, crowed pushed her from behind due to which our daughter fall on the tracks.”

When asked to the C B Prasad, station master of the Mathura junction, he said, “No one expected her to come this way, it was a miracle she doesn’t have any injury.”

Why all this has happened?

Sonu was going to Jhansi with his family, he works as a scrap dealer in Mathura district but he was pickpocketed inside the train. So, he decided, there is no reason for travelling on the train without ticket and money, instead, he decided to log a complaint.

As he was de-boarding the train with his family, train starts moving and the kid slipped off from her mother’s arm. Video captured the event has is all over the internet as a viral news.

This miraculous escape has become a trending news today.


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