In Today’s Funny Stories Check out the Banker Who Dressed up as Spiderman for Work

Life is full of surprises.

Some might be sweet, some might be bitter and some might be downright funny. Like this one. In order to tell you one of the funny stories that I read today, I need to ask you a question first.

What would your last day at work be like? Would you spend the last day talking to your colleges and enjoying your farewell party, or would be as cool as this banker who took the fun up a notch with his unusual costume.

What did the banker do?

What this awesome banker did will certainly make you giggle and compliment the brains of this guy. He dressed up in a Spiderman costume and made his way to the bank. He had already resigned and this was supposedly his last day for work.

No wonder his Spidey move was really cool and that’s how he ended up making one of those funny true stories that his colleagues will talk about even after he leaves. And the best part is that it isn’t a made up story but one of the true stories that took place in the bank premises itself.

What was the reaction of his co- workers?

Everyone at work simply enjoyed his cool gesture as he went on distributing candies and hugging his colleagues as a good bye. Just so you know, his costume was really nice. And the way it absolutely fit the banker made him look smart and not someone who was looking like a parody of Spiderman.

I bet if the real Spidey saw him, he would have surely complimented the guy for his dank wit and adding humour to the last day at his work.

It became one of the first funny stories to occur in a bank

There is no doubt that the bank is a pretty serious place for work, and you would not find people dressing up in cosplay costumes moving around high-fiving each other. But this amazing guy who is for sure a Marvel’s fan ended up giving goals to people as to how they should spend their last day at work.

Moreover, he had no idea that his colleague had recorded his video and uploaded it on social media platforms. Before he could react, his video already went viral. People from across the globe witnessed this uber cool Spidey walking across the floor of a prestigious bank and chilling with his colleagues.

What would you do on your last day?

I know, quitting a job sucks. But if you do it like this guy, I bet even your office managers and authorities will be sad that you have to leave them. LOL.

Just make sure that you resign first and then go ahead with your costume work. Otherwise, if you wear a costume to work and there is a zero tolerance towards their dressing guidelines, you will end up being kicked out for trying to be smart when you should not.

In Conclusion:

Bankers have always been considered a boring and geeks. But this Spidey banker broke all the stereotypes related with banking and account’s profession. Also, this is the first time someone swore a superhero costume to work, that too someone who is related to the financial industry which is always deemed to be as the ones who always dress in corporate suits.

In the end, all I can say is that when I quit my job, I am for sure going to wear a superhero costume to work on my last day. And it’s going to be the one of Wonder woman.

What about you? Which superhero costume will you choose?


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Written by Poonam Mehra

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