Kyiv Nightlife in 2020: Prices and Popular Kyiv Bars

Hi, my name is Vladimir. I live in Kyiv for more than 10 years and often hang out with friends at night, so this post will be devoted to the Nightlife of Kyiv, because I have something to say. Please fasten your seat belts, we are going to Ukraine, Kyiv.

Attention for very sensitive to grammar, there will be a lot of mistakes.

The life of the capital of Ukraine after sunset continues in bars and nightclubs: here you can find dancing, music, snacks, cocktails and entertainment for every taste. In addition to nightclubs, there are hookah bars (Ukrainians are obsessed with hookah), karaoke, bars with show programs, banquet halls. You can request for a special event on your birthday, bachelor party, bachelorette party or something else.

Each night club in Kyiv has features that attract new visitors and regular customers.

To better understand the nightclubs of Kyiv, I have divided Kyiv Night establishments into few categories:

  • bars where you can try the most delicious cocktails,
  • bars where you can dance,
  • strip clubs,
  • night clubs.

Bars with the best cocktails in Kyiv

Hitchcook Bar

Hitchcook Bar is all about cinema. It is located on the seventh floor of the Gulliver Shopping Center, next to the Oscar Cinema. Here you can discuss the details of the new blockbuster or get inspired to watch an arthouse movie. And also – feel like those heroes of the tapes who were already enjoying the legendary drinks: Carrie from Sex and the City, sipping Cosmopolitan or Marilyn Monroe, mixing a Manhattan cocktail on a regular heating pad or Ingrid Bergman, drinking in French 95 and recalling Paris in Cassablanca.

Pink Freud

A cozy courtyard on Podil, signature cocktails from masters of mixology, an informative menu, live music make this place truly unique.

I recommend: Bananoni sweet cocktail, Asia Sour Sencha tea cocktail, spicy Salty Maple Cider cocktail.

The Pink Freud bar has a lot of pink and a lot of Freuds. Pink images of the Austrian psychoanalyst in various guises decorate the walls of the courtyard and the hall of Pink Freud. The bar starts operating at 6:00 pm, mixology experts surprise guests with craft cocktails, accompanied by young musical virtuosos. The Pink Freud cocktail card is divided into four blocks according to the taste characteristics of drinks: strong, light, sweet, sour.


Hard to find and even harder to get (but worth it) and hard to forget!

LoggerHead has Speakeasy format, professional mixologists, conceptual interior, designer cocktails, mega cool presentation. I recommend: Blue Truffle Martini cocktail, Quintessence cocktail.

LoggerHead is a mecca for all lovers of craft cocktails in Kyiv. Mixology in Kyiv seems to have originated here. LoggerHead is a classic representative of Speakeasy bars, where all the sacraments take place behind an inconspicuous door, and professional bartenders create an incredible presentation of author’s mixes and turns on the theme of cult classics. The atmosphere in the bar is appropriate: dim lights, jazz and not only music, nothing should distract the guest from enjoying a drink.

Kiev Strip Clubs

Penthouse Club

How can this place please you? – 40 girls, central location, karaoke, good food, delicious cocktails.

In addition to dance shows, there are always performances in the club, when you can enjoy the singing of a professional singer! Located in the Arena City complex.

Regardless of which strip bar in Kiev you go to, always stay a little sober and check the positions in the check so that you are not cheated.


The strip club on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street existed for many years. It has a rather mixed reputation. Rumor has it that club’s clients are well-known deputies and influential businessmen. The girls are beautiful, moving well. However, you need to be careful with security, they spoil the whole impression of the club, as they ask at the entrance more than the price of the entrance ticket.



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Written by Guidemeua

Going on a Trip to Ukraine, or to any other country, it is often difficult to evaluate the huge number of offers on the market.

Which hotel to choose in Kiev?
Which tour operator is the best?
Are there any tours in English in Kiev?
What sights to see in Kiev?
At what time of year is it best to visit Ukraine?
What are the best restaurants of the capital of Ukraine?

However, everything is very specific – what one thinks is top class, another finds cheap; one loves modern history, and someone wants to plunge into antiquity. Therefore, you still have to read some information on Internet. And keep reading our article about the best Tour Guides in Kiev.
If you wish your holiday in Kiev, Ukraine to be exactly the way you want it – hire a private guide who will advise both the hotel and restaurants and show you exactly what you want in the city: ancient churches, secret courtyards, Soviet architecture or Kiev nightlife. It is very convenient and affordable. For solo tourists, the offer is only 17 euros per hour.
You can get acquainted with the guides in advance:

Tour Guides in Kiev
The history of Kiev has always been my hobby, and I also love to travel. I think to understand what a tourist wants to see in my native Kiev, I have to think like he does. Cooperation with Guide me UA allows me to develop, because the geography of guests is very diverse. Today I conducted a tour to the Monastery of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra for a group from Indonesia, and tomorrow I have a Pub Crawl in Kiev for the guys from Britain.
I have been working as a guide for more than three years. The most popular excursion is a General Sightseeing Tour. But it can always be customized.
Military tourist? The Museum of the Great Patriotic War, our gallant governors and generals and Soviet military commanders will be a big part of the story.
Poles? Vladislav Gorodetsky, our churches, the Polish theater and so on.
When it comes to Jews, there is really a lot to be told – almost all the history of the city of Kyiv is connected with the Jews. Let’s just make it short: Brodsky Synagogue, Babi Yar, a monument to Sholom Aleichem, etc.
This profession allows me to find many new acquaintances. So, arriving as a tourist to any part of the world, I know I can drink a cup of coffee with old acquaintance who has been touring with me in Kiev.

Nastya lives in two countries – Ukraine and Indonesia. You have never met such an energetic and cheerful person. It takes her only 5 minutes to make you fall in love with Kiev and another 5 to fall in love with her charisma.
The profession of a guide is beautiful because it always keeps you up – intellectually, emotionally and physically. Every guide is at the same time a local historian and a psychologist, a little bit an actor, a little an athlete, because we have to bear the train. And besides, a huge plus of our work is live communication with people, the ability to directly transfer knowledge, to share our feeling of love for our native city. It also means not only unobtrusively educate, but also to train mentally a little bit. And this requires constant self-improvement. It means that you are not “getting rusty,” says Anastasia.
Anastasia conducts:

Old Town Tour,
Lavra Monastery Tour,
Museum of Great Patriotic War.

However, her favorite tour is the Nightlife Tour. Kiev pubs, snack bars, restaurants, champagne rooftops, speak easy bars with chic cocktails and rave parties – she can show foreign guests all the best Kiev bars.

Anna has been a tour guide in Kiev for 4 years. Today Anna is 24, but she started conducting excursions around Kiev when she was a student. With the time, hobby turned into profession.
Anna is not just in love with this city; she studies the history of the creation and development of Kiev. She regularly attends various lectures and courses, and each time Anna discovers something new and interesting.
Anna’s favorite routes are:

the Old Town,
Podil Tour,
the Museum of Pirogovo.

In her tours, in addition to historical facts, Anna shares personal stories connected with the city. This brings some home coziness and warmth to the tour.

Working as a guide turned out to be my vocation – as Kate claims. If you love your work, your country, the history and beauty does not leave anyone indifferent. During the tour with Kate, you will see places where you will never go on group excursions. You can leisurely enjoy the beauty of the river, see the cozy courtyards, hear their history and feel the warmth and hospitality of the country. One of  Kate’s favorite routes is a Gastronomic Tour. But that is not because Kate likes to eat!  Traditional cuisine tells a lot about the country and its culture. And guests like to ask questions and communicate in comfortable surroundings, regardless of the weather outside. This tour is best in the winter season, when the temperature in Kiev drops to -5.
For her guests, Kate develops individual programs, walking tours, car tours, or tours by minivan or bus for large groups.

Among her tours:

the Old City of Kiev
Kiev Bar/Pub Tour
Tour to Mezhyhirya residence

We are available all the days of the week and are always happy to answer all your questions.

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