Bike Trailer for Kids

There are many factors that have to be assessed before you buy a bike trailer for kids. Choosing the wrong one can cost you a lot of money so you have to keep these facts in mind.

Buy from a Reputable Manufacturer

This alone will solve a lot of problems. Buying from unknown manufacturers means you have no idea of how reliable customer support is or how durable the trailer will be. It’s true that products from well known manufacturers will cost more. However, at least you’ll be assured of their quality.

Consider the Trailer Length

The next choice is the size of the trailer. The dimensions will vary greatly, so choose the one that is best suited for your needs. If you’re going to buy a motorbike trailer, decide if you want an enclosed trailer or not.

If the trailer is enclosed, the interior height will be very important. This becomes even more vital if you’ll be spending lots of time in there.

Choose the Axle Type

Most trailers come in either single or tandem axles, but there are also triple axles. Bike Trailers with a single axle are good for hauling stuff less than 3000 lbs. For safety reasons, several motorbike owners prefer tandem axle trailers. Also keep in mind that some single trailers don’t have brakes. Brakes are needed when hauling heavy loads.

Rear Access Types

If you buy an enclosed bike trailer for kids, you have to choose between a rear door ramp or a barn type door. If you buy a bike trailer for kids bikes, the ramp rear door is the most viable option. This helps in making loading easier.

However, be certain the ramp has spring assistance. This is necessary because these doors can be quite heavy. Aside from motorcycles, you can use these ramps to load furniture.

Double Door Trailers

If you’ll be using the trailer for storing tools, the double door trailers will be more acceptable. You’ll be able to go in and out of the trailer instead of setting down a ramp. The single barn doors function in much the same way as a double rear door. They are used on smaller trailers.

Trailer Brakes

There are several braking systems being used and you must know something about them when you buy a bike trailer for kids. The most widely used is the electric braking system.

The hydraulic surge brake is comprised of an actuating cylinder that is set with the trailer tongue assembly. The surge braking systems are the most expensive. However they are only needed if different tow vehicles will be employed.


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Written by Allen Sports USA

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