Trailer Hitch Bike Rack

Trailer hitch bike rack can be used to haul all types of cargo!  Use them to haul excess luggage, firewood, sporting equipment, hunting equipment, wheel chairs or scooters and so many other things!

Most are made from the same strength aluminum that is used on air crafts, so they are very strong.They vary drastically in price, but this is not a time to buy the least expensive.  Shop around for pricing, but do not purchase one that falls short on good construction.The last thing you need is to be riding down the interstate and your cargo goes flying!

There are many types of hitch racks to choose from, so when choosing your hitch rack, you should answer these basic questions:

  • What you are hauling?
  • Where are taking it?

Here are a few of the types you will see when searching for a Trailer Hitch Rack:

  • Flat Cargo Carriers: Usually have raised edges and are great for luggage and camping equipment.
  • Motorcycle Carriers:  Used for scooter, dirt bikes or motorcycles.
  • ATV Carrier:  Smaller and attach to ATV’s.  Most likely carrying hunting equipment, ice chests, etc.
  • Enclosed Carriers:  These are completely enclosed and are your best choice for carrying luggage on a long trip so that dirt and water are kept out
  • Load Extenders:  Usually used on large trucks for carrying items such as canoes or pipes.

Regardless of the one you choose, make sure you get the best quality for your money!


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