Bike Racks For Car Trunks

The popularity of biking has never been greater and with rising gasoline prices, it is likely to grow even more. Even so, it is often necessary to use your car to get to bike trails and events so bike racks for car trunks are very important.

Probably the most popular type of bike rack in use today are those that mount on the car trunk.

While some people will opt Bikes on a roof this does make for a very high vehicle profile and may be a problem when driving under overhanging branches or beneath old bridges with a low clearance. Mounting a rack on a car trunk avoids this problem entirely.

Another advantage of bike racks for car trunks is ease of access. It is far simpler to remove bikes from the level of the car trunk than the rooftop. Even for small stature bikers, the bikes will be at chest to waist level and easy to handle. It makes for a much more pleasant ride if it does not start with wrestling the bikes down from the roof.

Another advantage of the bike rack for car trunk is the ease of installation and the flexibility for different vehicle styles. Many car trunk bike racks have adjustable arms that will fit easily over trunks that include a spoiler. A design may be found to fit virtually any model of car whether it has a spoiler or not.

Trunk mounted bike racks are also very affordable, depending of course on the style and options you choose. Racks come with adjustable or fixed arms and with or without cradles. Models are available with anti-sway cradles for the ultimate in protection while transporting your bikes.

Price also depends on whether you choose a two bike rack or a three bike racks for car trunk mount. Two bike models are less expensive but it is nice to be able to transport an extra bike when you choose so many prefer to spend a bit more for the added option of a third bike.

Another option to consider in bike racks for car trunks is the ability to fold down the racks for compact storage. There are many model that are simple to fold down and compact when not in use. Another option to consider is whether the rack and the bikes can be locked and whether the locks are included in the purchase price or whether you will need to purchase them separately.

Bike racks for car trunks usually come in models to hold two or three bikes and are convenient to load and unload. Models come with the option to fold for storage and also come with or without locks included in the purchase price.


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