Boosting the Conversion Rate of Your Website

While you may spend a great deal of time and money driving traffic to your company’s website, what is your site’s conversion rate?

This is the measure used to see what percentage of visitors to your site take action, whether that includes a purchase, filling out a contact form, downloading your eBook, or initiating a phone call. The higher that number, the greater your chance of achieving online success. To figure out your conversion rate, take the number of conversions (visitors complete a desired action) and divide it by the number of visitors to your site. For example, a site with 100 conversions out of 10,000 visitors has a conversion rate of 1%.

The conversion rate metric is a critical tool for your company’s online marketing success. Because of the increasing cost of PPC campaigns, a higher conversion rate means a higher return on your investment. What I’ve learned over the years is that it’s essential to continually enhance and improve your company’s web presence. It’s never fun to get left in the dust by your competition, that’s why you have to be on the constantly moving forward on improving metrics like conversion rate.

Focus your efforts by taking a visitor’s point of view when designing your website. Greater user experiences are the heart of having a great website. How easy it is to navigate through your site? How quickly can someone find your phone number or contact form? Consumers tend to better engage with what they can relate to and when they read something that’s relevant to their lives. This perspective is an important exercise to utilize when looking to improve the user experience with your site.

That said, let’s get to the heart of this article and help you find ways to maximize your company’s site conversion rate. Working on just these few simple items will pay off for your business in so many ways:

Have a Clickable Phone Number In Your Site’s Header

How crazy is it when you find a site that you like and you can’t find the company’s phone number to call them? Make it easy for someone to get in touch with you by having a clickable phone number with an auto dial for those visitors using a smart phone.

Use Action Words In Your Site’s Headline

Let visitors to your site know what you’re about and what action you expect from them. Make it easy for your audience to understand the value that your site is going to bring to them, and why they should keep reading.

Have Engaging Content

Text and images need to motivate your site’s visitors. People want to read what seems interesting to them, and if they can’t really get attached to what they are reading, you might as well have lost them at word one. Plus, if there is an action desired for your audience, make sure there is a clear picture or understanding of what that might be, so they don’t have to spend time wondering.

Add a Call to Action On Every Page

Every page on your site needs to “ask for the sale”. In this case, that compares to whatever action is anticipated of the audience. You want to ensure that each page a visitor sees has a specific purpose, and isn’t just a “filler” page.

Include a Short Contact Form On Your HOME Page

Now that you have visitors coming to your site, it’s time to get their contact information to follow up with them in future marketing efforts. You don’t want an uncharted visitor, that could potentially be valuable, to miss out on a contact opportunity with you and your services.

Use Testimonials

People love to read about personal experiences with a business and service they are considering utilizing in the future. Great testimonials can build not only instant credibility with potential customers, but a person that the visitor can possibly relate to, whom saw value previously.

Use Video to Enhance Your Message

A growing trend to give your company a personality. A video is nearly impossible to ignore and a great way to entertain and engage with your site’s visitors at the same time.

Each Key Company Product/Service Should Have Its Own Landing Page

Landing pages are a great way to dramatically improve your company’s visitor conversion rate. They are a great way to segment your market, whether by product/service offering or by target audience. Landing pages can also be used in conjunction with PPC campaigns.


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