10 Best Cars for a New Driver

It is important to choose the first car thoroughly. Therefore, the idea of buying a “small red SUV” or “powerful sports coupe” is set aside and we choose a car calmly and deliberately.

The car must be modern, easy to drive, and safe. Do not consider huge and very powerful cars. Huge SUVs and sports cars require confident driving skills that a beginner cannot boast of. Avoid rare, exotic models. It is desirable that the car has a minimum set of security systems and comfort equipment: anti-lock brakes, a pair of airbags, power steering, and air conditioning.

New or used?

If funds allow, choose a new car. You will receive a modern vehicle, with a guarantee, without possible “pitfalls”, choose the desired model, color, and equipment. Buying a used car is an opportunity to save money.

But a mistake in the choice can cost too much! After all, in the event of an unsuccessful purchase, you will feel not like a driver, but an auto mechanic. Yes, and the cost of maintaining the machine will be able to block its initial cost. 

We have compiled a rating of budget cars for life with good equipment and inexpensive service. Each of the presented models can be purchased in different configurations. So if you are going to buy or lease a car, here is a list of the best vehicles for a new driver. 

1. Hyundai Solaris

A budget car made in Japan is made according to the scheme of a sedan or hatchback. The interior is spacious, which will be a big plus in the case of a large family. Hyundai Solaris is made in two versions of the engine for 107 and 123 hp, and thanks to advanced ergonomics, the car is easy to drive in urban conditions.

2. Nissan Qashqai

Despite the fact that we have a crossover in front of us, it is very well suited for drivers who are just beginning to comprehend the complex skill of a driver. The vehicle is characterized by a decent overview, unpretentious in operation, and equipped with a spacious and very comfortable interior. Often even experienced drivers prefer it. The car has a rear camera with parking markings, so parking is very easy even when moving backward.

The car has a significant ground clearance. It is best suited for drivers who are more inclined towards a smooth and rather calm ride, explosive dynamics do not distinguish this crossover. The car is good in operation, quite economical in terms of maintenance, and the probability of breakdowns along the way is generally reduced to almost zero.

3. Renault Logan

Renault Logan is an ergonomic and easy-to-drive car for a beginner. It is available in several body styles, and it is recommended for a beginner to give preference to the sedan. The engine differs in power ranging from 76 to 102 hp, and you can drive Renault Logan both in the city and on light off-road. The case and spare parts are made of heavy-duty steel, which increases the shelf life and reliability of the model.

4. Ford Focus

The model of the second generation of Focuses considered in our review was popular in the period from 2000 to 2005. Quite comfortable, easy to manage, and unpretentious in operation, it has not lost popularity among beginners even today.

5. Toyota Corolla

Today, this car is one of the most popular vehicles among car drivers around the world. They will be able to appreciate the quality of the model of the fair sex. First of all, in the cabin, the developers and designers managed to create a very comfortable atmosphere. The car is distinguished by a reliable assembly, so it is unlikely to cause any serious trouble during operation. It also has a whole range of systems that help the driver in a variety of conditions.

During the first 7 years, it is enough just to undergo scheduled maintenance and refuel the car. It will be possible to get used to the peculiarities of driving this car almost after the first trip, the vehicle is equipped with a very reliable automatic gearbox. The ground clearance here is insignificant, besides, it decreases if the car is heavily loaded.

6. Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia is a front-wheel-drive liftback. Power unit gasoline 1.8 l / 152 hp. The gearbox is mechanical. The owners like the spaciousness of the cabin and the volume of the trunk, good handling, and high-quality assembly. Separate praise deserves the convenient location of the controls and stability when cornering.

7. Kia Rio II

The South Korean auto giant is represented in our review by a front-wheel-drive five-door hatchback with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, 112 hp, with an automatic transmission. A great option for novice drivers: compact, maneuverable, and inexpensive to operate and maintain. Buying spare parts is not a problem. Any necessary part can be found in specialized stores or ordered online in an online store.

8. Chevrolet Spark

Characterized by a short bonnet length and enlarged side windows, the car is equipped with a very reliable automatic transmission – all this makes it very suitable for a novice driver. They will be fully concentrated on driving and the traffic situation developing around the car. As a rule, this vehicle is purchased for themselves by people who not too long ago became happy owners of a driver’s license. You get used to the dimensions of the model very quickly, besides, they are easy to keep under control.

It is very comfortable to manage, it has a small turning radius. Visibility from the front and sides is simply excellent. The wheelbase here is short, which makes the car very maneuverable, besides, it is quite cheap in terms of maintenance.

9. Volkswagen Golf

The fifth generation of Golf rolled off the assembly lines at the end of the last – the beginning of this century. The model is old, and the design is simple and outdated, but the car is easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. 

10. Renault Captur

Capture combines the reliability of the Duster and the youthful appearance. There is nothing superfluous in the car – there are an optimal number of buttons in the cabin, so it will not be difficult for a “newbie” to figure it out.

The first car should not be too powerful. Even if there is a choice, it is better to give preference to a less powerful model, at least for a while. This is necessary in order to feel the car. So, therefore, it is best to choose a Renault Kaptur with a 1.6 engine with a capacity of 114 horsepower.

Captur is quite compact for its class, the front of the car is perfectly visible from the driver’s seat, and the rear dimensions are also felt. But after all, the beginner has yet to learn how to feel the dimensions, which will help the compact size. In general, a couple of “lessons” of parking in a closed area and any beginner will perfectly master the Renault Captur.

The bottom line

The first car for a novice driver should not be too old. The maintenance of an inexpensive old car will certainly require a lot of money. In addition, older models are often not able to provide an acceptable level of security. A used car should be chosen not by brand, model, or body type, but by technical condition. It’s better to start with a compact low mileage Logan than with an old luxury model for the same money.


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