WHY BUY A LED FLASHLIGHT? Here Are 6 Characteristics That Make It Better Than Other Types

Flashlights are among the most helpful tools that you should have at home or whenever you go out to camp or just out in the dark of night. Flashlights might seem to be all the same, however, they aren’t. Bringing change in the family of flashlights since a long time ago, the LED (Light Emitting Diode) flashlight is one of the well known types and is considered better than the regular flashlights due to its several attributes that bring it the under the spotlight.


If you want to know why you should buy LED flashlight, here are 6 characteristics of it which make it rise above the standard and other types.



A LED flashlight is small and light, thus, it’s not a hassle to carry it. That makes it helpful especially if you need to bring a flashlight to an outdoor adventure, let’s say in a cave, a dark place or at night time. It will also help you save space because of its size. You don’t have to bring a big storage or pouch for it because the smaller ones can go into your purse or your pocket. In that way, you can just bring your LED flashlight wherever you go and even though you don’t need it, you can have it kept with you in case the need arises.



A LED flashlight does not require many batteries for it to function. Unlike standard flashlights that need heat to produce the light, the light that the LED flashlight produces is energy that occurs when electrons move over a diode. T he LED does not heat up and die but remains cool, thus, it can stand longer. The struggle of bringing, keeping, maintaining and recharging batteries and extra batteries is nothing to worry about. That being said, using it is also power-saving.



While the purpose is the top priority, it wouldn’t hurt if you’d have many choices of color to choose from. LED flashlights may come in blue, red and other colors. White, of course, is present. Besides the fun in selecting a color for yourself, it’ll also be easier for you to identify that it’s yours.



LED flashlights have small plastic bulbs. They’re structure is solid and resilient. You might think that they have a big tendency to get dropped often because most of them are little in size. That might be true, however, the good thing is that LED flashlights are shock proof. They can’t be easily damaged and broken. Aside from its power being long lasting, the LED flashlight as it is also is.  



You might not know but flashlights contribute to air pollution in such a way that with their batteries, some processes and chemicals may give off harmful gases and affect the environment negatively. Since LED flashlights do not use up too much power from batteries, using them will enable you to help reduce the pollutants you keep with you that spread to our beloved planet.



Other flashlights and bulb types release Ultraviolet (UV) radiation which is of course harmful, not just to human skin but to human health in general. LED flashlights, on the other hand, don’t do so. You can use a LED flashlight peacefully without worrying about its hazardous effects to your health.




There you go. 6 characteristics of LED flashlights that make them better than other types. Hopefully, this has helped you make better choices in buying this specific item. The LED flashlight is beneficial, not only to you, but for Mother Earth.



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Zapals, an internationally renowned, global shopping website, providing a vast range of high quality products at affordable prices, with offices in Hong Kong, China and Australia. Online shopping and electronic gadgets are some of the many topics Nicole writes about. She gives tips on wise buying and utilizing.| Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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