5 Important Safety Responsibilities Landlords must Fulfill

Landlord-tenant accord rules and regulations are essential to follow for friendly interaction between the two. Rights and duties of landlords and tenants should be fulfilled for proper implementation of the lease agreement. These rights and responsibilities can vary from one country to another. Therefore, you should check lease agreement liabilities in your state. Five essential safety responsibilities are mentioned here. These are exclusively liable for the landlord to fulfill in every country.

Maintenance Of Property

The tenant has a right to inspect a building before signing a lease agreement. EPC certification, gas safety certification, electrical wiring, and pipe leakages are essential points to check before signing the rental agreement. The landlord is also responsible for repairing of damaged parts. Cleansing and safety of the overall building is also a responsibility of the landlord. Various services assurance like plumbing, gas and electrical supply and water supply fall on shoulders of landlords.

Security Deposit

It is the responsibility of the landlord to collect a security deposit from the tenant. A landlord has a right to use security deposit in situations like; failure of a tenant to pay rents, damaging property, or any breaches of the rental agreement. You should also consult local and state laws to ensure circumstances under which security deposit become right of the landlord. Otherwise, it is collected for the security of renters.

Disclose Owner Identification

Before finalization of the agreement, the tenant has a right to know about building owner. Owner’s necessary information like his name, address, and location should present in legal documents. In case of change of ownership, the previous owner should inform renter about the new purchase. A landlord should inform the tenant that his security deposit amount has shifted to a new one, or landlord can give back to the renter, and he will deposit this amount again to the new owner. This step is essential to maintain a positive relationship between the landlord and renters.

Possession of Unit

The landlord must provide custody of the unit to the tenant during move-in tenure. A vacant property space must be allocated to renters before they can move to another apartment. In case of breach of agreement, a tenant can trail legal procedure against the proprietor. Similarly, if the tenant has done a breach of contract, then the property owner can file a legal proceeding against renters. If existing renters have included unknown individual other than guests, then the landlord can ask the tenant to avoid such practices as it can bring legal complexities between two.

Constraint on Liability

There are certain liabilities fall on both; tenant and landlord. For example; in case of a shift of ownership of property, responsibilities of rules and regulation of rental agreement will also shift on the new owner. New owner can ask for renewal of the contract with tenants. The preceding owner should inform renters about the selling of property. This step is essential so that renters can decide either to stay in building or to shift another residency.

These are five essential responsibilities of a landlord to follow correctly. These are vital to avoid inconvenience on both ends and to successfully fulfillment of a rental agreement between two.


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