Steps to Conduct Incident Investigations for Critical Situations

In the modern world, human negligence is getting common. You can find the human negligence from putting the garbage inside the dustbin until lack of using the seat belts for driving. The negligence is now part of every human life. In the busy world, no one pays attention to the threats that can turn into a massive incident. The slight negligence can cause more damage not only to you but others can also get affected. The incidents can happen anywhere in the world. The most incidents take place in workplaces and in residence.
To prevent incidents different business owners and homeowners do the maximum protection. The general cause for the accidents could be the poor fuse box or the lack of proper wiring. You can go for a new fuse box and determine the new fuse box installation cost UK to know the actual prices. Apart from these prevention incidents can happen.
When an incident happens it is essential for you to conduct the investigation to know the actual cause. This blog will let you know the steps involve in incident investigations to make it more effective for the future.

Immediate Action

This is the first step that needs to be taken in any incident. You need to make the area safe and help the injured person by providing medical aids. Remember that you should be confident about the medical aids you are providing to the victim. Till the ambulance arrives it should be your responsibility to take immediate action. The immediate action also involves saving evidence like CCTV footage or any instrument near the victim. Don’t ever touch the incident samples or the instrument without using any gloves.

Plan The Investigation

The cause of the incident is not the natural one, it could be the electric shock due to the negligence of engineer or it could be the person’s negligence that could be the cause of the incident. You need to plan the investigation in an effective manner. Determine how long it will take to investigate properly, know whether it needs more investigator or just one is enough. Know the requirements like tools, samples or any other material that will be needed.

Data Collection

The important step towards any investigation is the data collection. The place of incident is always full of data whether it’s in the raw form or the witnesses. Never leave any data even if it seems to be irrelevant or common. Ask the workers or the people who were at the time of the incident. The documents and CCTV footage is the main data that needs to be secured and checked effectively. Sometimes the equipment like machines or any power supply units are not checked that can be the real reason. Always look for the equipments before finishing the data collection.


The main objective of investigating any incident is to prevent future incidents. You need to take action against the negligence. Maybe the wiring needs to be changed or the machine needs to be repaired. Take action so that you or your workers could get save from any future incident.


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