Nedo Measuring Tools for Surveyors and Construction Professionals

Construction projects rely on accurate measurements to deliver outputs as planned. In ensuring accuracy, keen eyes and attentiveness to detail are no doubt necessary human factors. However, we cannot discount the fact that accuracy is also dependent on what measuring instruments are used and how reliable their design and graduations are.

Nedo products are some of the leading instruments for surveyors and construction professionals. With over 100 years in the industry, Nedo is known for its top-quality yet affordable products, including surveying equipment, surveying equipment accessories, and measuring tools.

Most measuring instruments, such as tape measures and measuring wheels, are easy to find. But for tools like measuring sticks and digital angle finders, Nedo has got your back.

Telescopic Measuring Stick

Nedo’s telescopic measuring sticks are the perfect tools for measuring interior dimensions with ease and accuracy. Available in sets, each set comprises of several sticks with varying measurement ranges.

One set, for instance, has a measuring stick that can measure up to 28-inches in length and another than can measure up to 118-inches. Another set has a stick for 34-inch-long surfaces and another for up to 157-inch-long surfaces. All sticks are collapsible and extendable, so you need not worry about carrying long instruments around. Simply extend the instrument as your job requires.

Digital Angle Finder

Interior and exterior angles are no big problems with the help of a digital angle finder. Nedo’s versions of this tool are calibrated for accuracy yet are also easy to use. By simply placing the finder’s shanks on the appropriate surfaces, the digital readout will quickly tell you what the measurement of the angle is. Plus, this instrument is lightweight and usually comes with a durable case for extra protection during storage and transport.

Telescopic measuring sticks and digital angle finders are just some of the innovative offers of Nedo. Check out more Nedo products to see other choices that suit your surveying or construction projects.


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