Accuracy and Speed: The Best of Calculated Industries Professional Calculators

Professional calculators are not like the ordinary sci-cal tools we used to bring to school. Rather, they are advanced tools designed specifically for certain types of professions or jobs. When it comes to these advanced tools, one of the most popular names is Calculated Industries.

Also known as CI, Calculated Industries engineers the best industry-specific calculators that guarantee both accuracy and speed. Business- and work-related decisions are often reached by considering numbers or figures, which is why the accuracy of these types of data is crucial. Thankfully, CI brings accuracy right at your fingertips with its series of advanced calculators.

Construction Calculators

CI offers calculators for solutions related to construction, heavy construction, and masonry. Some of their best features are their dedicated keys for areas, loads, volumes, weight, slopes, angles, square-ups, swell, shrink, and cut/fill. They make planning for workforce and equipment much easier. Plus, they work and convert multiple math dimensions or units.

Machining Calculators

If you’re a machinist or a seller of supplies related to machining, Calculated Industries machining calculators have got your complicated math problems covered. Some of the things that these tools easily calculate for are speed spindle, feed rate, and depth, width, and length of cut.

Real Estate Calculators

CI Real Estate calculators are perfect for client qualifying and other computations related to tax, mortgage, and cash flows. Gone are the days when real estate professionals need several days before they can present accurate figures to their clients–now, it’s as easy as a few presses on calculator keys.

All these calculators by CI come in several models that boast of top-of-the-line features for professionals who want to excel in what they do. Check out more of Calculated Industries products to see which calculator model suits your work best.


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