5 Great Ways To Spice Up Your Outfit

You feel confident when your casual dress also looks stylish and trendy. Some may think that wearing a simple dress at home or friends and family gathering will not look elegant and classic. However, let me tell you little modifications in casual and simple dress spice up its charm and beautification. Here is five great ways are mentioned to modify your outfit to look graceful.

1. Stripped Shirts:

We all have simple dress shirts and t-shirts. You can add strips to a sweater to enhance its style. Measure waist and cut a belt according to accurate size. Stitch a few pieces to a shirt and make sure that strips are stitched at equal distance. The equivalent distance among strips will give balance look to the shirt. Now pass a belt through these strips and tie is over the belly. You can wear designer women’s jeans in combination with a sweater. This arrangement will enhance your overall personality and will spice up your outfit.

2. Lace-Up Heels:

A second great tip to enhance the appearance of casual and modest style is by wearing lace-up heels. Usually, we like to wear sneakers and sandal for a comfortable walk. However, to reach the next level, you can use stylish lace-up heels. Do not think that heels are always uncomfortable to walk. Choose a heel with the appropriate sole, which is not so much pointed that it becomes difficult for you to walk. A balanced lace-up heel will spice up your outfit.

3. Stylish Jackets:

We all love to wear jackets as it looks stylish on everyone. However, what makes it different and unique than others is the selection of the type of coat. For example; most of us may have a leather jacket, but extra layers or patterns on your jacket will stand out it in gathering. This kind of little modification in outfit assist to spice it up. Similarly, you can select jeans, jackets, peacoat, and cardigan, which has a unique style or pattern over it to make your dressing elegant and graceful.

4. Elegant Jewelry:

When we talk about women dressing styles and trends, we cannot forget to talk about jewelry. In the last few decades, there was a trend of wearing a large necklace and heavy bangles and large earrings. However, now, the trend has become more sophisticated and selective. For example; a delicate chain with small studs and subtle bangles are preferred over large accessories. Some women love to wear bracelets wristwatches instead of bangles. These accessories selection spice up your casual and simple outfit into something more stylish and modern.

5. Multi-purpose Scarf:

The scarf is an optional dressing part as some like to wear it, and some do not like it. Here I would present multipurpose of wearing a headscarf. The general trend is wearing it over the head. However, you can take it around the neck or shoulder, or you can tie it around the waist. These are few of usage of the scarf to spice up your outfit. You can select a scarf with floral pattern then plain fabric for a graceful look.


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Written by Alexandra Clark

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