Yummiest Recipes to Make a Homemade Fruit Shake

In a hot summer day when you get a glass of cold fruit shake or smoothie, it refreshes your mind and body. Its rich ingredients are beneficial for health. Instead of taking artificial flavoured juices and beverages, I would suggest you drink fresh fruit juice. Its nutritional factors regulate blood pressure and recover body weaknesses. These juices and shakes are beneficial in many ways. Here are few yummiest recipes are given which you can enjoy at home also.

1-    Mango Cherry Juice

When we talk about juice and smoothie, a restaurant came in our minds. However, you can make these recipes at home also. You may be worried that you do not have a commercial ice machine which usually used in restaurants, but there are home used machines which can make yummiest fruit juice.

Mango cherry juice is one of favourite summer drink. Its essential ingredients include two cups pitted cherries, one cup chopped mango, one cup water, and one cup ice cubes. Put all these elements into a blender one by one and blend these until you get a smooth juice. Now put it into a glass and enjoy your drink.

2-    Mango Banana Smoothie

Mango and banana are most favourite fruits of almost everyone. Juice made by the blend of these two turns out to be yummiest. It is the best breakfast fruit shake. Its primary ingredients include one banana, half cup frozen mango pieces, one third cup plain yoghurt, half cup orange mango juice blend. These ingredients then put into a blender and blend all together until you get smooth fruit to shake.

3-    Almond Berry Juice

Almond is beneficial for health in many ways. In this fruit shake, almond milk and almond butter are vital elements. Other necessary ingredients include one cup of frozen blueberries, one banana, half cup almond milk. Put all these units into a blender and add water to achieve a plain fruit juice.

4-    Peanut Butter And Banana Smoothie

This mixture of fruit and peanut butter is rich in nutrients and beneficial for health. This juice is significantly valuable due to high protein peanut butter. Essential ingredients to make this fruit shake are one banana, one eighth cup peanut butter, half cup soy milk, and two tablespoons of honey. Now you can put all units into blender machines and blend until getting a smooth milky shake. Once the juice is made now, you can garnish it with honey on top of it.

5-    Orange Glorious

Oranges are one of the best fruits to fight with hot weather. Orange juice has multiple effects on the body. First, fruit extract refreshes your mind and body. Second, it gives strength and stamina to fight with a hot day. Orange glorious has a fabulous taste to enjoy. Its ingredients are one cup milk, one cup ice water, one can of frozen concentrated orange juice, twelve ice cubes, one fourth teaspoon vanilla extract and a one-eighth cup of white sugar. Place all these into a blender machine and blend until becomes smooth and soft.


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