Chill Out in Popular Country of Himalaya – Nepal

At the time of Monsoon season, everyone wants to take the leave from their hectic schedule to enjoy in some attractive places like Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan country and you know that these are the most popular countries which you can visit any recommended tour packages on this pleasant weather. And when you are planning to see the tour package, then you see that there are a lot of websites that attract the suitable tour packages, but you must choose that company which reviews are best and securely approachable to anyone. Here, I would like to share my experience with these countries that I never forgot about the journey. So, here I am.

When I thought to plan to get some enthrall experience, then the first thing came in my mind that is these beautiful countries of Himalayan then I see the list of lots of websites which provide me the best tour package to visit and explore these countries of the Himalayan. Then you see that there is a lot of tour agents that give the best tour package at the best suitable price to make your trip perfect. So, I booked my Himalayan tour packages with Third Eye Travel Company, which is recommended my friend and also looking attractive because it includes all things that I want from one platform because it provides me all things like Visa, Flight Tickets, all types of Fare, Hotels, and so on.

The Experience about these Beautiful Himalayan Countries –

When you visit in Nepal the first time then you must know how to greet the locals. And the traditional way to greeting in Nepal is that you join your palm together in a Hindu prayer style and saying “Namaskar” or “Namaste”. Here when you ask for anyone to anything then you must be calling them with the using the word “Dai” for men and “Didi” for women. And must remember that when you are in Nepal then you should forget about wearing your shorts (for women and men) because here is prohibited to wear short dresses.

In Nepal, you can enjoy the many attractions like heritage sites, museums, and mountain scenery. This country is the exciting and perfect place to get a lot of experiences amongst the tourists who come to visit India, China, and other Asian countries and you must know that the country of Nepal is the sandwich destination of India and China. So, don’t be surprised by their traditions.

Here is a lot of places to visit that you can read my other blog. And next, we discuss the Tibet and Bhutan that is also the part of this Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages. These tour packages that I visit these countries, those you can customize easily according to yourself and also book the only Nepal tour package if you only want to explore the Nepal country without any hectic schedule.


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