Mahindra Bolero Vs Thar

Hello Guys, Today We Will Compare Two Mahindra Cars. You’ll Know Both The Cars Due To The Heading. These cars are made for different purposes. Bolero is a car that’s suitable for large families. Thar, on the other hand, is designed for off-roading and is suitable for hilly areas.

Let’s start a comparison without wasting any time

We will first discuss the price and features. Mahindra Thar’s top-of-the-line model, which is 4×4 CRDE, is priced at rupees 10 million 80 thousand. Bolero power+ costs 9 lakh 70 000 rupees, which is 1 lakh 10000 rupees less than Thar. The 1.5L engine power+ variant of the bolero is priced at 10 lakh 50 thousand rupees. Mahindra bolero Zlx has a 2.5L engine costing 10 lakh 50 thousand rupees. 

This is 30 thousand rupees less than Thar. Bolero is less expensive than Thar, but offers more features such as power windows, center locking by remote and stereo. These features are not available in Thar models. Bolero has AC in all its variants, but Thar only offers AC in the top model. However, Bolero’s AC is much more powerful than Thar’s AC due to the Thar not having a hard top.

We will now talk about performance. Bolero comes in two engine options: 1.5 L or 2.5 L. Mahindra calls the 1.5L version the power +. It produces 71 horses power, while the 2.5L engine produces 63 horses power. The 2.5L engine produces 63 horses power. While the 1.5L engine gives 71 horses power, the 2.5L engine gives 63 horses power. Thar CRDE has 107 horses power. This makes it very smooth on hills. This means that the bolero cannot compete with Thar in terms of power.

We will now talk about comfort. Guys Thar is not the same as comfort. Thar is not as comfortable as bolero. The driver and co-driver of Thar can be comfortable, but those in the back seats can’t be. They are also side facing and don’t have enough legroom. If you drive the Thar on bad roads it can cause serious back injuries.

On the other hand, bolero will not feel the bumps of the road if it is driven on the same route. However, the last seats in bolero face the side and don’t have enough head and leg room. This means that five people can travel comfortably on bolero.

Result – The result is largely dependent on you, but I can help you to understand that Thar is the best option if you need a car that can drive in hilly areas.

Bolero is the best choice if you are looking for a car that you can drive around villages on a daily basis, or for touring. It has more comfort than Thar’s suspensions and has fewer body roles than Thar. Mahindra bolero offers more features for less money. Stay connected withTestNDrive here you will get Latest Car & Bike News in India. Get updates about New Car & Bike Launches, Prices, Features & Specs.


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