This cheap publicity stunt should not be the interesting news today (but it is, unfortunately)

Our country can be called biased when it comes to circulation of news stories.

A logical and meaningful news is never made viral. And on the other hand, a cheap publicity stunt finds itself ruling the charts and being featured in the ‘interesting news today‘ section of the news agencies.

You must be wondering why.

To get an answer all you need to do is observe. If you look closely, you will find a trait about the people of our country. Indians never really bother to talk about serious issues or do something about it. Their all-time laid back attitude can very well be spotted in politicians and people alike.

The real life examples:

One of the recent examples which proves that apparently any idiotic thing can go viral is the video of a model performing obscene dance inside a temple. Why on earth would someone purposely dress up and clad themselves in makeup to visit a temple?

But this model did exactly what she needed to arouse people.

This clearly proves the fact that interest of Indian audience can be piqued by lame and cheap things but not by serious issues. The video has been doing rounds on social media platforms and has become an interesting news in India.

On the other hand people discard or rather pay least attention when a woman is raped, molested or beaten up. It doesn’t concern them and they are practically least interested in knowing what the actual case is (until it says viral video of woman being molested).

What do they do then?

The society comes up indigenous ways to cope with their laid back attitude. They perform marches and sometimes break out riots to show that they do care. It goes on for a few days and the history repeats itself.

The whole commotion of right and wrong, justice and demand folds itself back into the depths of ‘Nothing will change’ and people resort back to making some lame news viral.

Why do people only want to read interesting news stories?

They seem to be so fed up of the everyday shit that a news about killing, rape, murder is as casual as the sun rising in the east. But when it comes to a specific selfie being clicked, or an obscene dance being performed, they are all eyes and ears. The simple answer to this question is that crime and mishaps are more frequent in this country rather than some new or fun incident. For the same reason people choose to indulge in useless news with heightened enthusiasm.

In Conclusion:

It is quite obvious that if this attitude sinks its roots too deep in our country, there won’t be any intellectual growth of our youth. What they see today is real news being neglected and useless news being coined as viral.

If this goes on, time will come when there will be no crime related news because no one cares who died or lived.


What do you think?

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Written by Poonam Mehra

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