Guide: How To Setup Google's Knowledge Graph 2021

All online businesses or websites have a similar goal of boosting their online visibility as much as possible. They mainly want to get their online sources to appear in front of the targeted audience when they search for related things. There are different types of techniques and sources used by digital marketing experts to achieve such an objective quickly. 

Day by day, the number of competitors starts increasing. Here, everyone is looking for an effective and dominating solution. Google’s Knowledge Graph is one of the best solutions here. Having your website in Google’s Knowledge Graph content areas can help grab the audience’s attention and get lots of traffic to the websites. Today, we will discuss complete information about this particular factor. 

What Is Google’s Knowledge Graph?

Google’s Knowledge Graph is a specific feature that helps users get perfect answers to their queries and save lots of time & effort. The availability of these types of results helps the users avoid the clicks on the result pages or open any website. For all these things, Google pays attention to lots of factors, such as – content quality, content relevancy, etc. 

Along with it, Google focuses on LSI’s use for understanding the audience’s queries and what they are looking for. According to these indications and factors, the search engine showcases the final results. 

What Are Places/Positions Where Google’s Knowledge Graph Appear?

As per Google, the search engine bots gather such data from several sources, like – Facebook, WikiData, Wikipedia, and other informational platforms. This particular information can appear in three different places as per the information suitability and formation. 

Business Brand Information 

When someone searches for your services locally or by adding the location specifically, then the availability of testimonials and some other details with your brand option can make things much better. It leaves a great impact on the users and encourages them to access your online sources. It helps in increasing the credibility and chances of getting lots of traffic to the website. This particular kind of search appearance with a map is part of Google’s Knowledge Graph. 

Top Carousel Display 

Mainly the content or search results that appear in the top carousel position are driven from Wikipedia. You can get results in this particular section of Google’s Knowledge Graph if you search for any kind of list. Most commonly, it appears on the searches related to books, novels, films, and other entertainment-related stuff.

Right Sidebar Display 

In this particular section, details related to your business, services, or yourself can appear from multiple sources, such as – Wikipedia, Google My Business, etc. 

If you want to display information about your business, products, and services in one of these sections, you have to pick sources and create content accordingly. 

How Can I Display My Details In Google’s Knowledge Graph?

It is one of the common questions of numerous individuals. Everyone wants to know what they should do to display their business or website details in Google’s Knowledge Graph areas. If you are interested in this particular thing, you should check out the following procedure. 


The first and most important step is creating your pages on Wikipedia. It is one of the popular and authoritative online sources to gather any kind of information. It is the biggest reason that’s why the majority of Google’s Knowledge Graph results are driven or displayed from the database of Wikipedia. 

According to experts, Wikipedia provides 99.5% accurate results and information. It also makes Wikipedia a trusted and reliable source. Here, you can create a page by using your company’s name, your name, or anything you want to display in Google’s Knowledge Graph. is also similar to Wikipedia. It is an open-source information platform that has data and details regarding multiple niches. 

Social Media Profiles 

We are all introduced to the impact and usage of social media platforms worldwide. All individuals are trying to pick the best sources where they can promote their services easily and get the best results only. You should try to make sure you have created social media profiles on all popular platforms. Along with it, you need to connect these social profiles with Google’s Knowledge Graph content pages, like – Wikipedia and 

  • LinkedIn 

  • Twitter 

  • Facebook 

  • Pinterest 

These are four major social media platforms that can help you a lot in achieving the objectives. You can pick the option for other platforms as well, such as – Instagram, MeWe, etc. If, in the future, Google starts displaying the social profiles separately in Google’s Knowledge Graph, it can help you a lot in that situation. 

Use Of Schema Markup 

There are different types of techniques used by digital marketers to keep the client’s website at the top. But the results are dependent on the search engine bots and their behavior after reading or inspecting the pages. To make the process of reading your website’s pages easier for the search engine bots, you can pick the option of adding schema markup. 

The addition or implementation of schema markup is not easy for everyone. It is a tricky task that requires specific technical knowledge for completion. At once, it is implemented successfully on your website and starts working perfectly; after that, you can experience multiple benefits, such as – Google can easily evaluate and understand your content. 

In case you add quality and informative content by providing answers to multiple questions of the audience, it can be useful in several ways. Here, you can easily target and get your website & its data displayed in Google’s Knowledge Graph. These results can clearly help you in dominating the competitors in the online marketplace and get maximum users to your website only. 

Use Of Keywords 

When it comes to displaying your website as a search result, then you have to focus on various elements, such as – keywords. Keywords are the specific terms used by the audience to express their queries or requirements. You have to make sure your content is well-optimized with the keywords that can help you appear at the top whenever someone searches for that. You have to add keywords in the following places. 

  • URL of the web page 

  • H1 tag or main page title 

  • Web page body content 

  • Meta Title 

  • Meta Description 

While optimizing the content with keywords, you have to take care of the density. You should not consider excessive use of the keywords in the content. It leads to the keyword stuffing problem that can create issues in the future. Due to these problems, your website may not get ranked or displayed in Google’s Knowledge Graph. 

Final Words 

These are some major details about Google’s Knowledge Graph and the best tips to setup. It can help you experience multiple benefits, such as – better online visibility, build trust in the audience, boost business credibility, provide a better user experience, higher conversions, etc. In case you want to get more details about all these things or expert’s assistance to set up Google’s Knowledge Graph, you should feel free to contact us. 


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