Why White Label SEO Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade?

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Over the years digital marketing has become crucial for the success of any business. It has become imperative for businesses to invest in digital marketing solutions to receive better traction, to improve their reach and increase their sales. Digital marketing companies have their hands full doing more than one job at a time. While search engine optimization or SEO is an integral part of digital marketing, it is a tedious, time, and resource-consuming job. Most digital marketing companies do not have the resources or the time to concentrate and justify SEO services for their entire clientele. This is where white label SEO services come into the picture.

What is White Label SEO?

Digital marketing companies outsource search engine optimization work to offshore companies. This is known as white label SEO. Also known as SEO Resellers their primary job is to ‘white label’ SEO products and services so that digital marketing companies can sell them with their own branding. The job of any white label SEO company is to build the tools, create the infrastructure, and deliver SEO services to the resellers who can then re-sell the same to their clients directly. They work as an extension of the digital marketing company’s in-house team.

Most marketing agencies are today hiring white label SEO agencies to do complicated work. It’s a win-win situation for all. The clients get a complete digital marketing package that improves their reach, boosts their SEO, and ups their social media marketing. Digital marketing agencies get to work with multiple clients with minimal resources and maximum results. White label SEO agencies do the hard work, get the bucks, and continue to do their work.

Over the past decade, white label SEO has become very popular. Numerous white label companies have sprung all over the world, especially in countries such as India and Canada which offer SEO for multiple industries. This arrangement continues to grow in popularity since everyone earns profits – the SEO reseller as well as the white label companies. Some of the key services provided by white label companies are

  • Link building
  • Web design
  • Content development
  • Keyword research
  • Localized SEO
  • On-page audit

What Makes White Label SEO Work?

Apart from the profit-sharing equation between resellers and offshore companies, there are several other benefits of the white label SEO reseller program, especially for SEO resellers. Below we list few benefits of outsourcing work to white label SEO companies.

  1. They Know Their Job–The white label SEO companies of repute know their job and do it well. They build their reputation through sheer hard work and consistent services. All their skills, be it of selling SEO tools or link building aren’t just work-in-progress or untested. These companies are known to offer solutions to the specific needs of multiple industries. They are also known for their result-oriented approach. This means a whole lot of things for SEO resellers. When you are working with an experienced and expert white label company, you get to enjoy the rewards (of their hard work) while spending very little money on it. You don’t need to build or maintain the resources and infrastructure.
  2. Expands Your Area of Expertise – SEO is not unidirectional. It has many facets and industry-specific approaches that require skills and expertise. You’re a digital marketing company and acquiring so many SEO skills does sound irrelevant and a waste of time. Working with a white label company expands your area of expertise in the eyes of your clients. You can work on multiple verticals and expand your reach without necessarily having any in-house expert team. This type of association helps expand your business, reach out to new industries, and make a name for your company on multiple levels.
  3. Adds Value to Your Service – SEO is complex and continuously evolving. It cannot be done by a single person. If you don’t have the resources, you cannot offer a comprehensive SEO service to your clients. Working with a white label company means every job – of performing SEO audits, maintaining tracking software, or utilizing multiple analyzing tools is well taken care of. This invariably adds value to your brand name. While someone else does the groundwork, you get to reap the benefits. You can proudly claim to be offering an umbrella of digital marketing solutions.
  4. Improve Your ROI–At the end of the day where do you see your business? As a reputable agency offering multiple services to clients? Yes but that cannot be your bottom line. Earning profits and keeping an upward graph is crucial for any business. By outsourcing SEO to a white label company, you get the liberty to work with many clients at a time (with minimal internal resources) and take home a large chunk of the profit. As we said – a win-win situation for everyone.

How to Choose White Label SEO Company?

It is now an established fact that white label SEO companies are good for your business. But how do you sift through hundreds of such companies springing up in every corner and decide which has got the real deal and which one is simply faking the claims?

Credibility is one of the most important virtues you should be looking for in a white label SEO Company. Are they able to live up to their promises? Can they work on niche industries? You shouldn’t be looking for big words but tangible solutions with proven track results.

Try to understand their project management skills. Can they work for multiple clients at the same time, offering similar services at all times? You are outsourcing because you do not have the resources. Do they have the resources to take up this job for you?

How willing are they to communicate with you? Is there transparency in their approach? A trustworthy white label company should be credible, should be able to tell you the loopholes in the plan, the challenges in completing a project, and be able to provide an achievable timeframe for completion of a project.

Lastly, work with a company that earns your trust. They may be doing the hard work but at the end of the day, it is your name that is getting attached to the job. Make sure you can trust the company to uphold your reputation in front of your clients.

To conclude, hiring the services of a white label SEO agency is one of the most cost-efficient decisions a digital marketing company can take. No doubt, it has become so popular over the years.


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