Digital world effect on Human resource management

In 20 century is a revolutionary age for information and technology, People are smarter and a cleaver for the decision-making process, companies are extra smart to earn money from these smart people, producer and creator day by day improving technology to decrease the cost of production, or at least striving hard to get the economical scale.similarly marketing department of companies need a new way to capture these smart people and earn money to run business, nevertheless still traditional companies relay on sale force to sale things to the client but I do not think it’s still valid anymore.

Sale force Management 

In social science, management there are many books and content about sale force, Its function, development, and recruitment process, in developing countries, it is possible that still, this subject could be widely teaching in universities and colleges but as we know that effect of technology is not limited and it cannot be controlled through control management process anymore. Now all over the world industry almost move toward the internet, even small vendors also sell their things on the social platform, which affects the decreased need for a human resource at the middle management site . Normally nowadays companies less focus on human more focus their internet marketing strategy, keywords expert to compete with their competitors on social platforms.

Digital Marketing and sale force 

 The biggest advantage of social media marketing is customization, you reach people according to their behavior, shopping habits, their education level, income, trend, fondness. One more interesting thing is you can measure your result of the campaign by though google analytical and webmaster tools. So its huge revolutionary, we can not do these things on any media like print, electronic media, and even direct sale force because we needed as much employee as many clients we want to target that means the cost of each employee more than what product we want sale in market and clients.  

How digital marketing works 

It is very simple but could be technical to because it’s not like how we manage our personal social media account, a lot of things could under consideration and some could be neglected because of its impact because as we know that in social media everything will matter, normally companies don’t hire so many staff to do their marketing campaign, they hire maximum three to five people which will be responsible to customer avatar, launching the campaign, measure campaign and improving the campaign. Digital marketing finished traditional sale and marketing role in companies, that means the role of the Human resource in companies also decrease because many years before HRM and companies woes about decrease turnover ratio of sale and marketing employee that is reason companies hugely invest on their human capital because these are people who are getting business for companies. Now companies do not need sale people anymore because from cosmetic product to diamond ring you can sale on the internet and find a buyer as well, so where human is needed, so its impact is one-sided it decreases employment and another side it increases and creates employment for everyone.

Two side effect 

As we mentioned above one side effect that, it snatched earning opportunities from many traditional skills people but at the same time it opens more windows to earn with prestige, own time and own way, no need to reach the office every day at the time. So the digital world works  as, like a wheelchair,you start and finish one thing, a new thing will emerge, so you do hard to get sustainable and get profitable in this market, it’s not like you learn one thing and earn whole your life with a single skill, you must have to master of many skills and keep update your self according to the new trend, technology, and advancement 

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