Driving Under the Influence of Coronavirus

As we all know that an ongoing pandemic has out struck almost every person and every working field in this world. Every field in this world has been affected due to this pandemic and people are not able to do anything about it because its for their own safety. All the countries and their governments have announced a complete lockdown all over the world and they have advised all the people to take care of themselves and to stay at home so that they can be safe and can secure themselves from the ongoing virus that has spread out in the whole world.

Even after taking so many precautions some people are still getting affected and due to this the governments are not taking any chances to let go of the strictness and to continue the daily routine life of every working field in this world. It is very obvious that every field has been affected whether it is educational, working or travelling field they all have suffered badly.

In the ongoing crisis of coronavirus, it has also been observed that this virus has also impacted the rate of DUI’s in all the countries.

In this article we will discuss about the newly trending cases of Driving under the influence of this ongoing pandemic.

Recent Trends of Driving in Corona Virus:

We may think that the number of vehicles may have decreased on the road and people are taking this pandemic very seriously but we are highly mistaken, people are roaming around here and there and the cases of fatalities on the roads have been increased.

 Some people think that nobody is monitoring them in such tough situations but again they don’t know what they are getting their selves into, they are always being checked and monitored and in the recent months mostly drivers have been found exceeding the speeding limit and driving crazily and recklessly on the roads.

As we all know that all the working projects such as schools , restaurants, movie theatres even grocery stores have been closed or are opened for a limited period of time people are still not taking it seriously and they have started driving on the roads more recklessly because there is rush or commotion of other vehicles which is stopping them from doing this very harmful activity for them and for the others as well.

Result of DUI Cases Before and After Corona Virus:

According to the car leasing near me, the rates of DUI’s are surprisingly decreasing in the pandemic ongoing days as compared to other normal routine days when people were found drinking and driving at the same time. In this period of time people have not been found driving while being drunk that has controlled the ratio of drug offenses and driving accident problems.

But still it is no excuse to get reckless while driving just because the roads are empty, you should always follow the restrictions no matter what the condition is otherwise you may end up hurting yourself or any other person who is walking on that road.


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