What Does It Mean If A Tooth Half Broken And Black From The Inside?

Thinking of black teeth is scary and defines poor oral health. A broken tooth that’s black inside is a different story and problem altogether. Your teeth are the most vital structures in your body, but they can also get damaged by some bacteria or the occurrence of trauma.

Emergency Dental Service

The outer layer of the teeth is challenging and is called enamel. Adequate calcium in the body gives the teeth their white color. Underneath the enamel lies a yellow tissue, which is softer and is called dentin. Only a dentist can tell you the real reason for the broken tooth and the black color.

What causes a broken tooth to be black and brown from the inside?

Healthy teeth can never be black on the inside. When your tooth breaks, and it looks black or dark brown interior, it means that some internal damage has been caused. The causes for this are:

  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay usually occurs when the bacteria in your mouth eat away your enamel. If you don’t treat this in time, it would lead to a dental emergency and damage the inner dentin layer and cause sensitivity. When the damage nears your tooth’s pulp, you will experience some toothache, and the toothache will get worse with time as the decay increases. Regularly visiting a dentist can reduce the occurrence of such a situation. One must also limit sugary drinks and foods and brush teeth at least twice a day.
  • Pulp Necrosis: The inflammation of the pulp is called Pulpitis. It leads to increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods or drinks as well. This Pulpitis can occur because of tooth decay or trauma to your tooth that will eventually disrupt the tooth supply, and this happens when the Pulpitis aggravates and the nerve and blood vessels in the tooth die.
  • Intrinsic Stain: Consuming sour and junk food or dark-colored foods and drinks can eventually cause the teeth to stain, termed as extrinsic stains. Stains deeper inside the tooth layers are termed as intrinsic tooth stains and occur when the dark material penetrates the tooth.

A broken tooth is considered a dental emergency. Whenever one faces a dental emergency, it is essential to get the required attention from a dentist or health care provider as soon as you can.

The best treatment of a broken or blackened tooth depends upon the reason that caused the situation to occur. A black tooth won’t get better by itself and requires appropriate attention.


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