Uses of Dental Bridges: Types, Procedure, and Recovery

Dental Bridge is a false tooth or denture that is used to close or bridge the gaps of missing or broken tooth. It is possible that a dental bridge can replace more than one tooth. One can opt for the permanent or removable dental bridge as per their convenience. It is essential to seek an appointment with an emergency dentist specializing in restoring and replacing missing or broken teeth. The idea is to fill a gap in a smile.

Dental Bridges - Emergency Dental Service

In most cases, a 24-hour dentist opts for the dental crown to cover the broken or decayed tooth and save it from any further damage. However, if a tooth has wholly gone missing, then the role of dental bridge kicks in.

Uses of dental bridge

A dental bridge is a great way to boost the confidence of a person with a perfect smile. It allows you to chew entirely without any visible flaws. A person with a dental emergency may need a bridge if –

  • Their tooth falls out completely
  • Their tooth is damaged due to an injury
  • If the decay is too deep and cannot be filled

Types of dental bridges 

A traditional dental bridge – This dental bridge consists of two crowns. They could either be fixed or removable. These are the most famous bridges in emergency dental care.

Cantilever bridges – The cantilever bridge process is not complicated and calls for only one crown at a time. A cantilever bridge is suitable for those who do not wish to damage the surrounding healthy teeth.

Maryland dental bridge – This bridge consists of porcelain or metal frameworks. An emergency dentist open 24 hours may place these dental bridges at the back of your teeth.

Implant-supported bridge – This bridge is more secure than the Maryland bridge and is relatively higher than all others.

Recovery from dental bridges

As a patient, you are likely to feel tenderness and soreness once the dentist grinds down your teeth. Since there are chances of bleeding, your teeth need more care than usual.

The tenderness and soreness would leave you in a few days, yet you need to maintain extreme oral hygiene. See your dentist for regular check-ups and use only prescribed products.

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