What Are Some ECO Driving Techniques?

Eco-driving is the modern way of safe driving and fuel saving for car owners. It is not always over speeding that will take you to your destination fast. By driving smart, you can easily reach your destination safely and in an eco-friendly manner.. For the people who are rough drivers, you should know that unnecessary acceleration and over speeding result in excessive CO2 emissions that are dangerous for the environment. If you want to contribute to making the quality of air better around you, here are some proven ways of eco-driving techniques.

Accelerate Gently

When you decide to follow eco-driving techniques, you are also doing well for yourself because you will save more fuel as well. Even if you are getting a car from the cheapest car leasing company, you will have to spend on the fuel cost. Most car owners do reckless acceleration that results in more fuel consumption. This is a huge misconception among drivers that more acceleration will provide you with a smooth drive. This is not the case because the gentler you are with your car, the smoother it will be on you. Gentle acceleration increases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and reduces the emissions.

Keep A Steady Speed

By steady speed, we don’t mean to drive on a very slow pace. It means that you should maintain your speed while driving. Sudden shifts and tolls in the speed can prove bursting for your tank as well as for the engine. Make sure that you shift your speed only when needed. If you keep on driving at a disrupted speed, your engine fuel consumption chances can rise up to 20%. Maintaining consistent speed is easier when you are driving on straight roads or highways. However, you have to be mindful of the turns and cuts when driving on narrow countryside roads.

Plan About Traffic Before Driving

Plan before you start driving by anticipating traffic. Look ahead before you are in a traffic zone and keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicles in front and on the back of your car. All you have to do is to read the road ahead and see what other cars and pedestrians are doing. This will help you keep your speed as steady as possible. This way, you will be safer and use less fuel on your way.

Don’t Over speed

Respecting the speed limits in different areas is the best you can do. This serves your best interest in saving on your fuel. Whether you are driving a car, truck, pickup, and SUV, it is the most efficient in terms of fuel consumption when it is travelling between 50 and 80 km per hour. If your drive above 100km or 120km, your vehicle will use 20% more fuel

Minimize The Use of Brakes

One of the major reasons of fuel burning is the frequent use of brakes during your drive. It is quite justified that drivers often need to use brakes. However, if you anticipate traffic slowdowns, you can easily reduce the number of times your foot will press the brake.


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