Divorce And Separation – Causes Many Aren't Aware Of

Cooking at home strengthens marriage

Falling in love is a wonderful and magical experience between two people. The chemistry is strange and sometimes very complicated. The experience differs in many ways but the commonest are happiness, restlessness, and strong emotions. However; falling in love doesn’t always guarantee a successful marriage or living together.  

Frankly speaking, according to statistics, many are getting a divorce more than getting together. To build and support successful marriage or relationships, many partners read books written as a guide to a happy marriage.Despite hundreds of books counseling couples, lovers are constantly in pain, emotionally and psychologically affected by painful love affairs.The causes of divorces or separations vary, lack of attention, sex, cheating, quarrels, financial matters, and others. However; few things many never thought of as destroyer of marriages is the lack of cooking at home and lack of prevention of early sex in teenage relationships. 

Many couples’ friendship began at school as teenagers before they settled. In principle, it is always good for people to study and know each other very well, before entering into relations or love affairs.But on moral issues entering into relationships as teenagers isn’t a wise thing to do. Children as young as thirteen and fourteen indulged in caressing and kissing. This is seen as normal in advanced countries but in Africa, it is not permitted. Most of these early relationships end up in separate ways or settle together. 

When they finally get married, love isn’t as strong as before. That’s where the problems begin. In this case, the marriage doesn’t go far. Why?The reason is simple and logical. Both have seen their nakedness too much as teenagers to the extent that they no longer value their precious bodies as adults.No happiness and the essence of enjoying a happy relationship is completely ruined. Here the dignity and the worthiness of the woman have been neglected by the man. It is always the man that causes the breakup because he wants something new.Many start to cheat and stayed late at work in illicit love affairs. A woman or man may find real happiness in life, marriage, living together, or in relationships when they enter into a love affair as adults than as teenagers. Any man or woman who doesn’t know how to cook before getting into a relationship or marriage may not fully enjoy the relationship.

There is always a guarantee for a happy marriage when one of the partners knows how to cook but if both can’t cook means the marriage have a bleak future.Imagine a family depending always on fast and tin foods. How would a husband feel after a day’s hard work, comes home to sit behind the dining table, and be served with tin spaghetti with that marshy tomato sauce? Many enjoy that but that’s a health hazard. 

A man facing such a situation may never be happy. Some may speak against it but many hide the way they feel when upset. Since he can’t live with that any longer he starts to seek his interest in other places.That’s where the cheating starts. If the one he is seeing can provide him those delicious meals he is missing from his previous partner, the relationship automatically comes to an end.

It is therefore very essential for both men and women to learn or know how to cook before getting into a relationship or marriage. Getting familiar with cooking isn’t a difficult issue. There are thousands of books and adult schools for cooking. The time factor is always an issue.Many may not have the time to go to a cooking school after work. Here a cooking book is very useful. Just follow the instructions on how to cook and next you see the delicious meal on the dining table.You may not be perfect at your first attempt but remember practice makes a man perfect.Besides, cultivating the habit of cooking at home saves a lot of money. I am happily married for the past twenty years. When my wife is busy at work, I do the cooking for the children.This is the only way to share the secrets of why our marriage is stronger than ever. I am a very good cook besides my writing career.

Divorce And Separation – Causes Many Aren’t Aware Of


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