5 Secret Methods for Preparing Food Instantly at Restaurant

When it comes to top-notch restaurants, their food tastes delicious and gets ready in less time. The head-chefs know how to manage everything and serve the diners instantly with great food. But when we prepare the same food at home, it takes more time as compared to restaurants. Almost all restaurants have a stainless steel refrigerated prep table to keeps all ingredients handy. But there are some other secrets that restaurants have to prepare their top-tier meals. The methods are easy and will save you plenty of time. They are useful when you have a family get-together, and you have to prepare large meals. Without any further delay, let’s check out the five secret methods for preparing food instantly at restaurants.

1. Prepare Everything In Advance

The best thing you will learn in culinary school is mise en place. The phrase means to prepare everything in advance. Professional chefs spend hours and hours cutting, chopping, and slicing the ingredients so that they are ready to cook when they need to. If you do not prepare everything in advance, you will panic and mess up everything at the time of cooking. Preparing the ingredients before hitting them on the pan will give you some time to clean the counter as well.

2. Save Pasta Water

Ever wondered why pasta from the best Italian restaurants tastes so good? The answer is pasta water. The biggest mistake you can make while cooking pasta is throwing the pasta water. Some people don’t know this, but your pasta water will take your pasta dish to the next level. When we boil pasta in salty water, some of the starch from pasta stays behind in the water. You can add a spoonful of pasta water to the sauce while cooking it. It will give your pasta a smooth texture and taste.

3. Leftover Bones

If you have any leftover bones, vegetables, or herbs, don’t throw them away. The leftover bones and vegetables can be useful for you. Rinse the bones, throw them in a pot, and then add some water to the pan and other seasonings to make broth. Homemade broth is tastier and healthier as compared to the store-bought broth. In this way, there will be no waste of food, and you will get your broth. You can freeze this broth and use it whenever you need to. Your homemade stock can bump up the flavor and texture of various dishes.

4. Roast Dry Spices

Dried spices are a staple item for every kitchen and pantry. You cannot prepare any dish without dry seasonings. But if you directly put them into the pan, they will turn dry and chalky. Toast your spices in a dry pan before adding them to your meal. In this way, it will activate the essential oils and aromatic compounds in the spices.

5. Season Your Steak

If you are making steak or any meat, it is important to season them at least 6 hours before cooking. Marinating will give your protein a deep flavor. Salting your steak with salt will make it taste delicious.


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