Can Anyone Believe This Story About Google?

There is corruption in every institution, including Google

I am a blogger since 2004, using the ‘Blogger,’ platform which belongs to Google, the mighty search engine company. No one can force Google to index your article URLs if they don’t want to. However, if you write about certain topics and Google is not interested to make your articles visible in search engines, you need to find an alternative.

I, therefore, submitted my blog to Yandex, a Russian search engine. As soon as my readers’ view increased, I started receiving information from Yandex Webmaster that Google is manipulating my blog, either changing the titles or directing the articles to 404 errors.

I didn’t take what Yandex Webmaster told me seriously, until receiving between five to seven messages of the same accusation each day that my article URLs end up at 404 errors. There are many tools to find out those who read your articles, the countries they come from, and where your backlinks come from.

It was after running through my blog in one of the tools, I found out the truth. Google has indeed directed 103 of my article URLs to 404 errors to suppress information. In fact, I was shocked to the extent that I published all the one hundred and three links Google has directed to 404 errors on my blog.

Reference: Available Are 103 Article Links Google Has Directed To 404 Error To Suppress Information

How in this world a reputable company like Google can do such a thing? After the publication of the article on my blog, I received information from Yandex that Google has taken the link from the web, therefore, the only place you can see or read the article is from my blog.

Where is the world now heading to when people that speak the truth suddenly become enemies and subjects of hate? And how do we want this world to be a better place for us today and our children tomorrow if search engines begin to promote lies, support crimes, and suppress the truth?


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Written by Joel Savage

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