5 Must-Know Pros & Cons before Installation of False Ceiling

In your building, the roof is one of the crucial parts you need to maintain. It is the ceiling that helps you maintain the structure of your building. Your roof needs to be functional and durable to support the entire building. It is best to pay extra attention when you are installing your ceiling. Nowadays, most people are opting for false ceilings. A suspended ceiling is the other name of false ceiling. A false ceiling can help you hide all the extra pipers and wires under a cover. There are several types of false ceiling materials you can use. Know that a false ceiling will also help you present your area with a beautiful appearance.

Most people give extra attention to the roof because it can add beauty to your building. Your house will look pleasing if you decorate it with an appropriate ceiling. But know that there are many cons to installing a false roof. The one problem many people face is less height of the area. When you install the false ceiling, you have to lessen the length of the overall room. After installing the suspended roof, your room will be short in height for at least two to three inches.

It is beneficial to know the advantages and disadvantages of a false ceiling before you install it. Below we are jotting down some points that help you understand the pros and cons of a suspended ceiling.

1. Room for decoration:

The one advantage of opting for the suspended ceiling is getting more space for decorative purposes. A suspended ceiling means getting a small area hidden from your visitors. Installing decorative lighting and chandeliers can seem messy if you are not hiding the wires. With the help of a suspended ceiling, you can hide all the cables, sprinklers, lighting fixtures, and extra items under the suspended ceiling. This way, you can have a beautiful impact on your area. Your room will look clear and decluttered.

2. Overhead lighting resource:

The second advantage of installing a suspended ceiling is getting more and more lighting options. It is a fact that lighting helps you enhance the look of your room. The overhead lighting can help present a clear picture of your room. With the help of a suspended ceiling, you can install many overhead lighting fixtures. You have to try to go for appropriate lighting options. You can install any lighting fixture according to your preference. Be it recessed, cove, or track ones.

3. Improves the acoustics:

The third pro of opting for the suspended ceiling is getting good sound insulation. With the help of a suspended ceiling, you can get better acoustics in your area. The room will be good in sound when you opt for a suspended ceiling. A suspended ceiling is the desirable option to attain sound insulation. This ceiling will reduce the outside noise and make the room quieter. You have to go for the suspended ceiling option to reduce the outside noise. In addition to that, you will also improve the indoor sound.

4. Risks of hanging items:

The disadvantage of installing a false ceiling is the risk of hanging items. Know that your suspended ceiling is lifting from another roof. It can hinder the way of dangling bulky items. You cannot hoist any heavy fans, lighting fixtures, or chandeliers from your suspended ceiling. It will also limit the possibilities of decorating your area.

5. Reduce the height of room:

This one is probably the most prominent disadvantage of installing a suspended ceiling. Having a false ceiling in your room will reduce the height of your area. The dropped ceiling will need approximately two to three inches of space. Installing a suspended ceiling is not the best idea for a short room. Your room can become claustrophobic and closed if you reduce its height.


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