Things Buyers will be Looking for in Homes After COVID

Sheltering in place during the COVID pandemic has us spending so much more time in our homes than on a typical day. While we sit at home many of us are taking a closer look into the actual functionality of our homes. Being stuck at home has given more people new priorities for what they would like to have in their new home.  

Here are some features we expect to become more popular and in-demand in future home searches as buyers begin to return to the market.  

More Natural Light and Space 

City dwellers, apartment renters, condo, and even smaller homeowners who may not have spent much of their waking hours in their homes are now making their tiny spaces the only place they spend time. These cramped quarters have people dreaming of light and airy rooms. Homes with space to stretch out drenched in sunlight and better views than the walls of the next building.  Talk to Kris Swierz for all Seattle condos for sale with natural light during this time.

Nicer Kitchens 

With so much time to find new talents and hobbies, many people have picked up a new interest in cooking. Kitchens have always been a major draw to homes, but now instead of just a nice looking kitchen people will be looking for larger kitchens with plenty of open counter space to make new favorite recipes and cook as a whole family. Pantries and plenty of cabinet space will also be highly desired.  

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More Separate Rooms 

Sheltering in place with an entire family has brought on the desire for everyone to have their own space. Families will be searching for homes where everyone can find an area to get away and have some time to themselves. They will be searching for homes with dens, bonus rooms, finished basements, and a separate bedroom for everyone.  


“More time at home means more energy consumption than ever before. Some people are seeing a bump in the cost of their energy bill they are not excited about. Video streaming, internet use, lights on all day, more cooking with electric appliances, etc. These all add up to significantly higher electricity, water, and gas bills. This will have home buyers thinking more about saving money on energy consumption by looking for homes with energy-efficient features. ”  – Kris Larson, St. George Real Estate Agent

Space for a Gym 

Homeowners that are missing their gym memberships have turned to find ways to exercise at home. Some of these buyers will be looking for a home with a room they can designate some space for staying fit at home.  

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Private Outdoor Space 

When leaving your home is a risk the ability to get some fresh air in the safety of your own confined private space is like gold. Many people are searching for homes that provide them with their own private piece of outdoor freedom.  

If many sellers start with these things, they are sure to get some serious inquiries when selling. 

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