5 Key things you need to have for Installation of Ceiling

Ceilings are the fifth wall of your building that you cannot ignore. Most of us forget the ceiling while we are doing a renovation or a minor updating. Know that renovating your ceiling will help you make a significant impact on the overall appearance of your building. The best thing about ceiling installation is that you can easily do the project yourself, even if you have little knowledge about the architectural world. The expert advice and a video tutorial are enough to install a roof on your building. There are many varieties when it comes to installing the perfect ceiling. Today, we are talking about the famous suspended ceiling and its installation process. Know that before you step into the installation process, you need to consider many things. It is advisable to examine all the factors before you start the installation process. Below is a list of five things that you need to have before you start the installation procedure. Make sure to read the list below and gather all the accessories beforehand.

1. Furring channels:

You require a suspended ceiling metal furring channel for installing the ceiling. The furring channel is a framing system that gives a smooth touch to the roof. Using this channel can help the plasterboard provide support and fix it with the ceiling. Know that it is a great idea to use plasterboard on your roof. Plasterboard is a cheap and easy solution to your roof problems. Make sure that you measure the number of furring channels. You can get these channels in different thicknesses. It is advisable to have 24 inches of space for the single layer. For a double layer, you can space the furring channels at 16 inches.

2. Drilling machine:

The next you need is a drilling machine to fasten the screws. You can use this tool to make holes in the plasterboard. You can secure the screws and install the board on the ceiling with the drilling machine. You can invest in many types of drilling machines. Make sure that the tool you are buying is of good quality. A good drilling machine will vary in size and power from the cheap quality machines. Some of the new drilling machines also include the function of the hammer.

3. Measuring tape:

This thing is probably the crucial tool in installing the ceiling. Measuring and calculating the size of the roof is an essential task. Know that if you are not getting the size right, you cannot correctly install the ceiling. There are many types of measuring tape that you are opting for measuring the distance of the roof. You can choose from fiberglass, plastic, metal, and steel measuring tape.

4. Safety gear:

No matter how small or huge the task is, you need to wear safety attire. Make sure you have your gloves and glasses on while installing the roof.

5. Markers:

The last thing on the list is markers. After measuring, you need to mark the spot. Without the pointers, you cannot get hit in the right area. You can use, pen, pencil, or chalk as markers.


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