5 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore When Renovating a Basement

When it comes to the basement, instantly, our idea is about a dark and damp place. But know that basements are a functional place that you can use for an extra bedroom, a home office, or as a living area. It is beneficial to renovate your basement if you have one in your home. One thing you have to keep in mind is that remodeling your basement is a complicated task. It is a lot different than the other rooms. You need to take care of many things such a mold, water resistance, and others. Your finished basement needs to be up to the mark to attract your visitors and prove practical. A basement can expand the overall square foot of your home. Many people can commit unusual mistakes while they work upon their old basement. You have to ensure to avoid the errors as you cannot afford to redo the entire process. You can use an acoustic stud or resilient bar to limit the noise from above. It is all up to you how many items you want to add to your basement. But first off, clear your list of any mistakes that you can commit while remodeling your basement. Make sure you read the below list to know which things need your attention. Below are the five things that you need to avoid at any cost.

1. Moisture Issues:

The worst problem in basements is moisture. You can face complicated consequences if you do not treat the moisture in your basement. It can cause a lot of damage to your basement. So, it is better to cure the moisture before you remodel your basement. Moisture is a problem that can cause cracks and mold in your building. It is best to make your building waterproof so that you can avoid any leakage issues.

2. Ceiling plan:

The other thing you cannot ignore is your ceiling. The ceiling impacts the overall appearance of the room. You have to consider which roof design can go along with your basement. Know that false ceiling is a big no as it is not a feasible option for the basement. You need a secure roof that can prove a safe option for your basement.

3. Skimping on Lights:

The basement is always dark and needs more lighting fixtures for illumination. You require good quality lights to brighten up your basement area. Try to go for energy-efficient lighting fixtures that can give you a sharp glare of light. It is a must-have that you do not compromise on your lighting options.

4. No Insulating:

Having no insulation in your basement is also a big problem. Know that you need to consider the weather changes in your basement. You can increase the amount of energy utilization if you do not insulate your basement for a hot and cold climate.

5. Having no Windows:

Many people think that there is no need for windows in your basement. But having no windows can invite odor inside your area. Windows can also welcome natural lights inside your space during the daytime. Your windows can also help you see the beautiful outside scenery.


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