Your Life, Happiness And Purpose On Earth

Life becomes meaningless in times of crisis

Many times in life, we find ourselves wondering what is the purpose of our existence on earth? Why do we have to get up in the morning? What is the real reason after disappointments, pain, hard life, sadness, and joy, we leave this world into our graves?Is life actually a burden that it doesn’t worth to exist in a world full of wickedness, diseases, depression, poverty, misery, and crime? Why many are rich and others very poor? Many people often ask this question but do wealth, riches and luxury bring happiness?

Today, in the era of consumerism, we are continually bombarded by what others used to influence people as real happiness, having a lot of money, a beautiful mansion, and a luxurious car or fleet of cars. The fact that thousands of people believe that happiness actually lies in the possession of those materials, enables them to make wrong choices to inflict pain on themselves.

It seems that it has become a real obsession, an obligation, almost everyone wants to be rich overnight. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong to be a rich person, especially if the one acquired the money through hard work. Everyone who works hard must enjoy his fruits of labor but there are those who often want to be rich without hard work.

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Written by Joel Savage

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