Car Maintenance Cost Comparison of Different Brands

According to several online surveys, cars are the most expensive thing to be owned by family second to only their house. 5-10% of their incomes go into buying a car and another 5-10% go into maintenance and servicing. Looking to get your car remapped, try searching for the best remap company to find professionals near you. Below we try to gather information on what cars come with the cheapest servicing costs and those that may break your bank.

We reviewed the servicing and maintenance costs for 250,000 cars. The average cost calculated for a car to be serviced and maintained in the UK on the inexpensive side is just shy of £200. While the cars that had the priciest bills totaled up to an average of about £430. The data collected, helped us compile a list of the most expensive and the most economical car to maintain in the UK. Keep in mind these figures are gathered from independent garages and those from dealerships and manufactures will certainly be higher.

Cheapest cars to be serviced/maintained in the UK:

Peugeot 106
Ford EcoSport
Nissan Pulsar
Ford Kuga
Citroen C1
Alfa Romeo 147
Citroen C4 Cactus
Toyota Aygo
Vauxhall Adam
Seat MII

The data shows that the tiny Peugeot 106, was the cheapest to maintain and service. But this model is severely out of date with its production being discontinued in 2003. The safety standards, build quality equipment, and technology of the 106 is well behind the current models. Fortunately, the list includes recent models better equipped with modern safety standards and gadgetry like the Ford EcoSport, Nissan Pulsar, Ford Kuga, and the Citroen C1. A surprise here being the Alfa Romeo 147. The Italian brand is famous for high maintenance cost, yet still made our list of the 10 cheapest cars.

But what cars might break your bank? According to the data collected there were several contenders for the most expensive cars to maintain. Here we mention the ones that are more in terms of the number of vehicles on road, here in the UK.

Most Expensive cars to serviced/maintained in the UK:

Porsche Boxster
Jaguar S-Type
Volvo XC70
Porsche Cayenne
BMW Z3 and Z4
Chrysler Grand Voyager
Jaguar XK
BMW 6 Series
Ford Transit

There’s no surprise here that we find brands like Porsche, BMW, and Jaguar making the list. The most expensive of the lot is the Porsche Boxster, averaging at a staggering £426.

Our research reveals that UK motorists still prefer the dated Peugeot 106 when it comes to the service and maintenance costs. The Porsche Boxster is at the other end of the spectrum providing thrills and luxury to UK car enthusiasts while putting a dent in their wallets.

We do consider the cost of the new or second-hand car before buying. But it is always better to research in advance as servicing/maintenance costs are often overlooked.


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